Mandala With Flower Meets Sophie

When my very kind, caring and generous hubby gave me, 70 skeins of Crystal Quartz, Scheepjes Stonewashed XL, for my Christmas present, I instantly knew what I wanted to make.
Of course it had to be, Sophie Universe by Dedri Uys from, Look at what I made, an absolutely stunning  crochet along pattern, back in 2015, which you can get online for free or you can buy her beautifully presented book, which I have done and I was extremely lucky to be able to get a signed copy.😀
Sophie’s Universe is beautiful in many colours but she’s equally as beautiful in one colour.
I decided I wanted to put my own touch to her and use one of my favourite designers, mandala as the centre.
Tatsiana from, Lilla Bjorn Crochet World, Mandala with Flower, my favourite EVER pattern, won hands down and that’s where my journey started.
I hadn’t seen Mandala with flower, made in only one colour before but bite the bullet and risked giving it ago. I wasn’t disappointed, I love it.❤️


The pattern is an absolute pleasure to make, I really could make it over and over again, I adore it. It’s calming and very intriguing to watch it grow. The pattern is beautifully written, easy to follow and once you start you really don’t want to put your hook down.
I followed the pattern all the way through, enjoying every stitch.


Once I had finished my one colour, Mandala with Flower, I had to get my stitch count to 240 to be able to start squaring her up with the pattern, Sophie’s Universe.
I added two rounds of single crochet, increasing the stitch count by 8 stitches on each round.
I had used 5 skeins of 50g yarn to this point, with I already had in my yarn stash, so I didn’t have to break into the skeins my hubby had kindly brought me.


I then followed, Sophie’s Universe pattern from round 26, all the way through, falling more in love with the blanket with each round stitched.
Mandala with Flower meets Sophie, was born.
She finished up being rather large and lays perfectly on a double or king size bed. 🛏



Once she was finished I gave her a little block, folder her up and put her away in a safe place.
I just could make myself put her on our bed, she was far to beautiful to let our cats and our dog go anywhere near her. I swear they have a built-in radar and have a habit of wanting to snuggle up on anything I make. 🐱


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Ever since that day, she has stayed safely in her blanket box, her beauty hidden.😢
It’s sad really, the hours, days, months, of work that I put my heart and soul into, was stored away because of my fear she could get spoilt by our pets.
So I’ve finally made the decision to sell her, to give her the opportunity to be used and loved by someone.
And even though it will make my heart ache to see her go, I know it is the right decision.
A blanket is to be used, to be enjoyed, not put away for safe keeping in fear of her getting damaged.


The only trouble is, the yarn I used for her isn’t the cheapest, not the most expensive but not cheap, at £2.99 for a 50g skein and the enjoyable months spent making her,with those two entwined together, she isn’t going to be the cheapest and I can’t begin to think who would pay a lot of money for a blanket, when you can go to Matalan and buy something off the shelves for about £30.
My hubby and boys keep reminding me, that they are not hand-made, they are not one of a kind, that the care, love and hard work hasn’t gone into anything that comes from a factory. I know they are right but I still can’t get my head around someone wanting to spend a lot of money on a blanket. Maybe it’s because we would never have the spare money to be able to ourselves. Keeping food in our boys tummies, a roof over their heads and clothes on their back, comes first and even though it isn’t always easy, due to only having one income coming in due to my health issues and being unable to work.
I know deep within my heart, that if money wasn’t an issue I would 100% pay for a handmade piece, with-out a second thought because I know, the love, the hours and dedication that goes into them.

And while I still have mixed feeling about putting her up for sale, I’m going to give it ago and see if I can find a home for her, where she will be enjoyed and cherished. Any money made will be put towards, renewing our wedding vows next year.
If you love her as much as I do, or you want to buy someone in your life, a little something special and unique, please send me a message. She can be yours for £250, a bargin price, when you think about how much the yarn cost and the 6 months it took me to make.



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