Living Life, One Adventure At A Time – Meet Phillippe

Sometimes in life you have to shake things up a little and start a new adventure.
With my hubby Mark’s birthday a few days away it gave us the opportunity to do just that.
We have been talking for a few months now about getting a camper to renovate and make a cosy place, we can call out home from home.
Luck would have it, my Brother in-law Smithy was selling his and I just couldn’t resist buying it for Mark, as an early birthday and Christmas present. 🎁


We had already spent a few nights away in Smithy camper and had many a conversation about what we would love to do with it, if it was ours. We can now make that dream a reality.

We have just returned from our very first night away as camper owners.🚍
It was a extremely wet and windy night but no matter the weather outside or the water dripping in from a known leak, we were in our element, snug as a bug in our very own piece of warmth and cosiness we call Phillippe .

My sister Kerry, named the camper Phillippe, when they originally brought him.
He’s been part of our family and their drag racing life’s for so long, we couldn’t change his name. It suits him. Phillip has done a grand job over the last few years. He’s taken the Warpspeed Racing team to all their events and even ventured to Germany a good few times.


It’s now time to give him some tender loving care, in hopes he will continue to give us lots of happy memories.

Firstly we have to find out where he is leaking, fix that and then move on to the fun stuff, of making him feel like home.
Mark and I are rather excited and even tho money in tight, we hope we can achieve a warm, cosy, inviting space, that we can enjoy for years to come.

It’s going to be hard work, take a lot or even all of our spare time and swallow up all my savings and than some more but you only live once don’t you and hopefully in time Phillippe will pay us back by helping us make the most precious memories.
Memories are the 2nd most important thing in life (after family) and we can’t wait to start making them.


If you fancy following our journey in-between posts on here, we have just started a Instagram account, pop on over and give us a follow. We will be sharing lots of photos as we take Phillippe , back to the basics and rebuild him.
Let’s the adventures begin!!!



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