Nuts About DNA Afghan – Square 107 – Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn is my 107th square, for my  Mums “Nuts about DNA Afghan” Gwendolyn is a beautiful square by Polly Plum of Every trick on the hook. Polly’s designs the most amazing squares and blankets, she has been one of my all time favourite designers since I first started to crochet. Her patterns are exceptionally well written … Continue reading Nuts About DNA Afghan – Square 107 – Gwendolyn

Lotus Moon

The Lotus flower has so many meanings, mostly it is associated with purity and beauty. To me it’s more than that, it’s strength, wisdom, hope, determination and of course beauty. It’s a symbol of life struggles and the doubts we have about ourselves throughout life. We all question if we are good enough, worthy enough, … Continue reading Lotus Moon