Gillian Mary Newell – 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 35

Although I love researching our family history, I also find it very upsetting. The lives my ancestors lived were far from easy. Most lived humble poor or working class lives, living only to pay the bills, a way of life most of us in modern times still live by. While the rich, get richer, the poor only get poorer. I’m not sure how we change that, if it can be changed at all but I feel very proud of us working class families, who slug their guts out, just to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and clothes on our backs, my Husband being one of them, whom gives everything he can give just to scrap by, by the skin of his teeth.
Throughout my research I have discovered more child death than I ever thought possible, I’ve learnt that women just kept bearing children in hopes one of them would survive infancy.
My Great Great-Grandmother Ethel Wheeler, was always very proud that all of her 7 children survived to adulthood, she was extremely lucky, bless her soul.
While my other Great Great-Grandmother Fanny Pearce, had 6 children and only my Great Grandmother Eva Hatcher survived. Fate, destiny or life is very cruel.
Even a few generations down, medical science had improved greatly but still child death was still breaking hearts. Even in the mid seventies, my Mum and Dad lost my two Brothers, Christian and Stefan.
My Dad also lost his Sister Gillian Mary Newell.
Although this is a very hard subject to write about, as it’s so close to home and still very painful for my family, I feel I need to write about my Aunt, because her short life, deserves a place in my families documentation journey.
I just hope I don’t upset anyone in doing so.


Gillian Mary Newell, was born on the 7th April 1947, at Romsey District Hospital, Romsey, Hampshire, England, to Donald George Newell, aka Don and Mollie Joan Carr, my Grandparents.
Donald’s occupation was a Furnaceman, for Southern Rail and he and his Wife Mollie, were residing at Number 73, Upton Crescent, Nursling, Southampton, Hampshire.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.41.48

He registered Gillian’s birth on April 11th 1947.

Birth Certificate

6 months later, while Mollie was taking Gillian for a walk around Romsey Park, she noticed that Gillian was out of sorts and was worried so they took her to hospital.

Gillian died a short while after, on the 18th October 1947, at The Royal South Hants Hospital, Southampton, Hampshire, England.


Gillian’s cause of death was from,
(A) Gastroenteritis
(B) Intussusception
(C) Operation

Gillian Mary’s death certificate states that, Donald, Gillian’s father, was working as a Railway Furnaceman.
Don and Mollie were still residing at, Number 73, Upton Crescent, Nursling, Southampton, Hampshire.
Donald registered is baby girls death on the 20th October 1947.

Death Certificate.

Baby Gillian Mary Newell, was buried at Romsey Old Cemetery, Romsey, Hampshire, on October 22nd, 1947.
Her resting place is in grave number P197,  not far from her Grandfather Frank Rudgley/Newell.

Cemetery Plan

My Grandmother Mollie, never recovered from Gillian’s death, how could she. And even though my Dad never got to meet this sister, I believe her death upset him greatly.
I remember as a child visiting her grave, on many occasions, we would spend what seem like hours looking for my Dads ancestors graves, especially Gillian’s and my Dad’s Nan, Eva Kate Newell Nee Hatcher.
Dad was a man of few words, and found it hard to express his emotions, but even as a child I could see the sadness in his eyes, when he visited Gillian.
As I was young, I didn’t really question her life or why she wasn’t here with us. I’m not sure if I had, if Dad would have opened up and told me all he knew about his big sister, it wasn’t the done thing back then. Now it’s to late to ask and I can only go off the little information I have been given.
I hope though that where ever Gillian, my Grandparents Don and Mollie, my wonderful Dad and my Brothers Christian and Stefan are, be it heaven or what ever you believe in, that they are all reunited and loving each other the way the would have, if only they were given that chance.
I hope Grandma is rocking Gillian in her arms and is at peace.

Gillian Mary Newell
April 1947 – October 1947



I have brought and paid for all certificates throughout
Please do not download or use them without my permission.

Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Gillian Mary Newell – 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 35

  1. I knew Mollie and Don had lost a little girl, but I didn’t know her name or how old she. Was when she died it is so very sad ,but now she will have her place in your family history, Well done Georgina Nan X X X

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  2. A very heart warming piece in remembrance of a beautiful little girl so greatly missed. I know Mum and Dad never got over the loss. Their reminder was the little girl they had always in their lounge. The family history research you have done Georgina is truly amazing. Jean


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