Photography, the beauty of life, captured.

Photography has been a massive part of our life’s for as long as I can remember.
My dad always had a camera or camcorder at hand, he was passionate about capturing the special moments that become our memories.
A photograph catches those moments, locks them safely away to be treasured, they capture smiles, laughter even tears, they capture the beauty of life but most of all they capture time.

Photography was once my ruling passion and my job, a job I loved, through it I found myself again after loosing a little of my own identity when I become a mum, as all we mothers do.
Photography taught me to see the world through light, it showed me how magical the smallest moments or objects can be. The passion that pumped through my veins, rubbed off on my husband and our two boys, sadly my passion faded when my health declined but my husband’s passion grow and grow.
Marks talent is exceptional, he has a gift that I feel needs to be shared, not only his talent but the passion he holds for capturing the night sky.
He really doesn’t give himself the credit he deserves and I feel that his amazing photographs should be shown in all their glory. So I’ve decided to do a once a month series to share his beautiful photography, they truly deserve to be seen, not just sat on our pc.
I hope you will love them as much as our family and friends do.



Copyright to all of the photographs displayed in this series are owned by Mark_MG_Photography. You may not download, publish, sell, license or distribute any of these photographs without the written permission from the photographer.
Photographs have been uploaded in low resolution.

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