Stitches Entwined With Love.

At the end of October last year I started making my wonderful Auntie Jan a blanket for Christmas. 🎄 I knew there was always a risk I would not get it done in time as I had another important present to work on for my twin sister Hayley’s 40th birthday. To cut a long story short I didn’t get it finished.
I quickly made her a cushion, took a few close up photos of her main present, took a few cuttings of all the yarn colours I was using and wrapped them up so she at least had something to open and something to look forward to. I felt awful that I hadn’t managed to finish it in time. She so deserves to have something special, she has the biggest heart and always puts everyone before herself. I was really disappointed in myself for not having it done in time.
With only a few rounds to go I lost yarn chicken 😩 Thankfully  Lynn from lusciouslyloopy had the colours I needed in stock and she saved the day, within days I had the yarn I needed to finish.

On the 15th February I made the last stitch, weaved in the last yarn tail and wrapped it up.
I was finally able to give Auntie Jan the gift she so deserves.
She absolutely loved it. ❤️

So let me tell you a little about the blanket.
The pattern is called “Sophie’s Universe” by Dedri Uys from “Look at what I made.”
I chose my own colour-way in colours I hoped Auntie Jan would like.
I used Scheepjes Stoned Washed XL, which is my all time favourite yarn and Scheepjes Rivers Washed XL, which I hadn’t used before, I’m glad I did as it’s very scrummy. The colours are divine.

Scheepjes Stonewashed XL is 70% cotton, 30% acrylic
Scheepjes River Washed XL is also 70% cotton, 30% acrylic.
They both come in 50g skeins and have the most amazing soft feel. I just love using them.

I used the colours
Stone Washed
– 845 Crystal Quartz – 30 skeins
– 846 Canada Jade – 5 skeins.
– 872 Enstatite – 1.5 skeins.
– 856 Coral – 3.5 skeins.
– 874 Morganite – 2.5 skeins.
– 842 Smokey Quartz – 2 skeins
River Washed
– 990 Wheaton – 3.5 skeins.
– 985 Ganges – 4 skeins.
– 993 Severn – 1.5 skeins.
– 986 Mississippi – 3.5 skeins.
– 982 Steenbras – 2.5 skeins.
You can see the colours I used per round on my Ravelry page.

And here it is.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I absolutely adore this pattern, I’m already itching to make my third.
I normally get bored making the same pattern over and over again, hence why I never seem to make patterns that are repetitive, even though I want to make all the extremely gorgeous patterns that are out there, I know full well I will get bored and they will end in my wip (work in progress) pile, never to see the light again.
Sophie’s Universe is different, I can honestly say I could make it over and over again and still enjoy making every stitch.
The pattern is free on Dedri’s website or you can treat yourself to her beautiful book.       I brought myself the book on the day it was released and I was one of the lucky ones who managed to get a signed copy, which I treasure.💗


I think I may just have to buy a second copy so my signed copy doesn’t ware over time.


6 thoughts on “Stitches Entwined With Love.

  1. To be given this most wonderful piece of artistic work that Gorgie has created for me , is overwhelming!
    The hours she has spent making this for me has made me feel so emotional, to see her work in the flesh!!” So to speek”, and to touch and feel it, is exquisite ! So soft and warm.
    I will treasure it all my life , and my daughter Nicola has said she will then treasure it., and then pass it on to her daughter.
    Thank you Gorgie it is magnificent .


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  4. your Sophie is the most gorgeous colorway! love it. need a project to get lost in…all about the colors
    noticed your project seems to require more skeins than I’m seeing in the prepackaged kits on the Wool Warehouse site. Did you need them all in the end? (just getting up there in cost 🙂 )Thanks for any advice


    • Thank you so much, that means a lot. Unfortunately I had to go into new skeins just to finish off so I had a few over. I find it’s always best to buy a little over just in case especially with your main colour. I used a 5.5mm hook for most of it, maybe that’s why I used a little more. I made my first Sophie in a five and had a little yarn left over. Hope the helps a little. I’m really missing making one, think I may have a make a third. Happy hooking and enjoy your Sophie journey.


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