Round Up, Round Up – February 2018

Where did February go? Is it really over?
Once again the month has been stressful and emotional but I did manage to get a few things made, a few wips (works in progress) finished and a little research carried out.

I promised myself at the begin of the month that I wouldn’t start any new crochet projects, I would actually show some self-discipline and finish off my forever growing wip pile.
The trouble is, my social media feeds are full of all these gorgeous creations that I want to make. Crochet along’s seem to be popping up everywhere and I want to make them all.
Three patterns are pulling on my heartstrings and testing my will power. Firstly the Dutch Rose Cal by Rachele Carmona from Cypress Textiles, it’s beautiful. My instagram feed is full of photos and I’m seriously drooling over all the colours systems people are using. How I’ve stopped myself from starting it I will never know.
Than there is The Feeling Groovy Afghan Cal by Hooked On Sunshine, I so want to start it. My colours are picked in my head which change almost daily, the pattern is sat on my pc, waiting patiently to be made and then there is the Callie Blanket, one again by Rachel Carmona from Cypress Textiles. I really, really need to make it for my youngest son Callum, it’s even got the same name, well the name I call him behind closed doors, much to his disliking. If that’s not a sign I don’t know what is. The original colours are beyond perfect.
I have been good though, well until my favourite designer released a new pattern, my will power flow full speed out of the window, I brought the pattern, gathered up the yarn I had put by for lots of gorgeous goodies I want to make for my bedroom, which I’m still trying to talk the hubby into decorating.
Crochet hook at the ready I craved in and started making it, I know, I know I’m naughty but how can anyone resist a pattern by Tatsiana from LillaBjorn crochet.
Her work is incredible, actually beyond incredible, they are masterpieces of art, truly something very special and her new pattern Illusion Mandala is no exception. It’s gorgeous. All my fallow hookers, go check it out, you will not be disappointed.

Getting back on subject, what have I made or finished in the month of February 2018?
Firstly I finished Sophie’s Universe, you can read all about it here. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, the main thing is my auntie Jan absolutely loves it and that is all that matters.

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Apart from that I’ve mainly been concentrating on making squares for my mum’s Nuts about DNA Afghan and my Moonstone Afghan. I thought I was doing well on the DNA afghan until I took all the squares I have already made to my mum, laid them out on her bed, did some quick calculations and worked out I only have 112 squares more to make 😅, then join them, edge the blanket and then I can finally give it to her. Sorry mum you may be waiting a little while yet. 🙊
The squares I have made so far this month are :-

Zoe by Polly Plum.


Sally by Polly Plum


Maybellene by Polly Plum


Gretchen Afghan Square by Julie Yeager.
I made one for the Nuts About DNA afghan and another of my Moonstone Afghan.

Clown Carr by Polly Plum x 2 One for each afghan.

Lotus Moon by Polly Plum


And yet another Polly Plum pattern called Begin the Beguine, which I modified to make a back piece for a cushion front I have already made.


I’ve also been working on a secret project which I can not share with you yet as it’s for a birthday present.🎁

And of course I’ve nearly finished making the wonderful Illusion Mandala by Tatsiana.

As for family research.
I once again haven’t done any hard graft, mainly going over the people I have been writing about in my  52 Week challenge. I have though been looking into the military careers of the poor souls who fought and died for our country.
I’ve started researching a place called Gamble Down, Sherfield English,Hampshire, which just happens to be just up the road from me and where my second great-great grandmother gave birth to two of her children out-of-wedlock. I will tell you a little more about my findings when I have more information.
I’ve requested military records from the National Archives, contacted the Isle of Wight Records Office who were very kind and helped me locate a few graves.
I’ve also been in touch with Highgate Cemetery who have kindly told me exactly where Horace Lennan Willats grave is positioned. We hope to visit his resting place as soon as the weather warms up so I can actually venture outside these four walls.
Chas Bennett from the Facebook group Romsey Revisited has been kindly helping me locate some of our local family grave. He’s been an absolute star and I really couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks again Chas.
Most importantly, I brought myself a DNA test from Ancestry, spat in the bottle and posted it off. I’m now eagerly waiting on my results which could take up to 8 weeks. It’s going to be a long old wait.

Could my results hold the answer as to who the father of Estella’s three illegitimate children was? I hope so.
I finally gathered the courage to email a 2nd cousin match on my mum’s DNA, which she took with Ancestry. I’m still awaiting a reply, fingers crossed. I also emailed a match on my son Connor’s DNA, which was taken with Family Tree DNA. Connor has a match with George John Willats, my 4th great grandfather. It looks like they may be a link to his Australian line, which my family didn’t know about until I started researching. George John Willats story is definitely an interesting one, I can’t wait to share it with you.

As for my favourite song this month, it has to be, Clay by Grace VanderWaal.
If you listen to the lyrics, I’m sure every single one of you can relate one way or another.
The internet is wonderful on many levels, we have the world at our fingertips, to me that’s pretty damn awesome.
The huge downside is the bullying that goes on from people who hide behind a screen.
Unfortunately my family have seen the awful side of the internet as of late. It breaks my heart that people can be so cruel, backstab, spread vicious lies and go all out to ruin lives.
It’s uncalled for, if it was on the other foot, they sure as hell wouldn’t like it.
The lyrics from Grace’s song Clay, reminds me to not let those bullies get to me, to rise above it, hold our heads up high and not give them the satisfaction of biting back, because if we do bite, we are as bad as they are. I will not give bullies the power to break my family, after all we are not made of CLAY, we are entwined branches of a strong family tree.

Until next time,


One thought on “Round Up, Round Up – February 2018

  1. So interesting to read about your crochet work Georgina everything you make is so lovely you should be very proud of yourself. Ignore the morons who put hurtful things on sociai media they are the lowest of the low and beneath contempt lots of love X X X


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