Cherry Heart’s Victoria Shawl

Since I learnt to crochet, I’ve been in love with Sandra Paul, from Cherry Heart, “Victoria Shawl.”
There is just something so timeless about it.
It’s simplicity at its best and so very easy to make.
If you are use to working in US crochet terms, you will have to get your head around the UK terminology Sandra uses in most of her patterns, don’t fret, once you’ve crochet a few rows it’s really easy.

I first made the “Victoria Shawl” back in 2018 for my Auntie Jan, using one Scheepjes Whirl, yarn cake in colour, Pistachi oh so nice.
It was the first Shawl I had ever made which I think turned out ok. Auntie Jan loved it and that’s all that matters.


So when I decided to make my Nan a shawl for her Christmas pressie, I knew it had to be Sandra’s beautiful timeless pattern, the “Victoria Shawl.”

My dear Nan, Doreen Townsend Nee Willats, is starting to feel the cold these days so I didn’t want to use another yarn cake and decided on, yep you guessed it, Scheepjes Stone Washed XL🥶
I was a tad worried about the weight but Nan has said it’s perfect so all is right with the world.🌍


I’m sorry to say, I forgot to keep all the yarn sleeves but my Auntie Jan, kindly weighed it for me so I could work out roughly how much yarn I used and the cost.
I used roughly 16 skeins of yarn, at the cost of £2.99 each from Wool Warehouse. The overall cost was £47.84.
I used my Clover Soft Touch 5mm hook (brought from Wool Warehouse) and it measures 132cm x 132cm x 158cm


Unfortunately time and funds were against me meaning I reluctantly had to finish on row 4 of the edging, which was disappointing but it still looked really nice, don’t you agree?


I wanted to finish the shawl off with something a little special, so I hunted down a “Irish Celtic shawl pin” which was perfect as Nan’s Grandfather, John Cornelius O’Connor, came from Ireland. ☘️


Nan was pretty chuffed come Christmas Day and hopefully her pressie, a hug in the form of yarn, will keep her as warm as toast throughout the colder months and those chilly summer evenings.

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I’m pretty desperate to start another for myself in yet again Scheepjes Stone Washed but the lighter version of 5ply/Sports weight yarn. That will have to a while unfortunately as I’m up to my eyes in yarn and hook making something special.
Watch this space to see what.

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