Crochet Crush, September 2021 – AMMA CAL

A CROCHETED PIECE IS THE LOVELY MANIFESTATION OF A THOUGHT, EXPRESSED THROUGH HAND, HEART, HOOK, AND YARN.” – FRANCINE TOUKOU Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir from Tinna Crochets is the mistress/master of the art of crochet and craftsmanship.  With each and every loop a stitch is made. With each stitch made, her creativity flows. That creativity turns … Continue reading Crochet Crush, September 2021 – AMMA CAL

Crochet Crush May/June 2021 – Viking Knot

Tinna does it again, with her new mosaic crochet pattern! 😍🥰😍 Viking Knot. To me there really couldn’t be a more perfect pattern. Not only does it represent strength, eternal love, unity and loyalty between friends, family and lovers. It’s endless loop, with no end or beginning, represents everlasting love while the knot image represents an … Continue reading Crochet Crush May/June 2021 – Viking Knot

Crochet Crush – March 2021 – Whatcha-ma-call-it.

Vanessa aka Nesspot, from Hooked On Sunshine, has done it again.  No surprise there really.Her new blanket pattern Whatcha-ma-call-it is Scrumdiddlyumptious. It oozes beauty. Vanessa never disappoints, her patterns are some of the best out there and she’s definitely in my top three designers. I’ve said it before many times, not only are her designs outstandingly beautiful … Continue reading Crochet Crush – March 2021 – Whatcha-ma-call-it.

Crochet Crush September 2020 – Queen Cal

She’s only gone and done it again. She never disappoints!!! Can you guess who I’m talking about? Yes you guessed right, the one and only Tinna from Tinna the QUEEN of mosaic crochet, has just released a new pattern, a new crochet along and it’s mind blowingly beautiful. It’s called the Queen CAL (rather … Continue reading Crochet Crush September 2020 – Queen Cal

Crochet Crush – February/March 2020 – Marnie’s Garden

You may have guessed that Vanessa Smith, from Hooked on Sunshine’s patterns are some of my absolute favourites. Her patterns are just an absolute pleasure to make. Her pattern writing skills are second to none, very easy to follow and beautifully presented. Her Afghans are beyond breathtaking. I just love, love, love them. Vanessa has … Continue reading Crochet Crush – February/March 2020 – Marnie’s Garden

Strippy Neons.

You all know that crochet is my passion, my love and my sanity, lately tho it’s become increasingly hard to crochet due to arthritis and brain fog. I feel as if I’m walking through sinking sand constantly. Concentration  has been near on impossible so I’ve had to put all my current wips aside for the … Continue reading Strippy Neons.


When a crochet pattern is previewed it’s not often I know exactly how I want mine to end up, what colours and yarn to use. When Tinna first showed the preview of her, Fiesta CAL, I knew instantly what colours and yarn I would use. I really believe my gut instinct was a good one … Continue reading Fiesta

Nuts About DNA Afghan – Square 106 – Starflower

“Starflower Afghan Square” is my 106th square, for my Mums “Nuts about DNA afghan.” Starflower Afghan Square, is another one of Diana Krenz’s squares and isn’t it just the prettiest. I absolutely loved making this one. I even played around a little with tapestry crochet to make certain parts certain colours. I think it worked out … Continue reading Nuts About DNA Afghan – Square 106 – Starflower

Lotus Moon

The Lotus flower has so many meanings, mostly it is associated with purity and beauty. To me it’s more than that, it’s strength, wisdom, hope, determination and of course beauty. It’s a symbol of life struggles and the doubts we have about ourselves throughout life. We all question if we are good enough, worthy enough, … Continue reading Lotus Moon