Crochet Crush, February 2022 – Frost

Scrolling through the socials there is always a guarantee, that one certain crochet artist, photos will always blow your mind and stop you in your tracks. You’ll have this overwhelming pull to grab your finest yarn and your most comfortable hook and start your journey to make the most beautiful pattern design which has  been designed with the upmost of talent, skill and love, into your own masterpiece.
I am sure you know which designer I am talking about, yes you guessed right, the beautiful soul we all know as Tinna.

Yes she has done it again and designed the most spectacular pattern called 


You may have read on the social the Inspiration for frost.

Tinna wrote 

“I wanted to share with you the inspiration for my newest design FROST (swipe to last pic to see). When we moved to our new home last month I found a lot of treasures in the attic, including this gorgeous book called Sjónabók which contains a collection of traditional Icelandic cross stitch patterns from old manuscripts dating back to the 17th century. It’s an absolute treasure chest of patterns and I was so happy to find it again ❤️ after spending a night admiring all these ancient beauties, FROST literally jumped off my hook ❤️ now, you can obviously make all kinds of project with this upcoming pattern, But my original idea was to make a bell string like you see here. 

This is the most typical embroidery piece here in Iceland and can be found in ALL Icelandic grandmothers homes 😉❤️ so although I started by making a couple of FROST cushions, I’m now making a FROST bell string to honour this Icelandic embroidery tradition ❤️ I’m making mine on a 1.75 mm hook and with super fine yarn, so it’s a bit slow going 🤣 but I’m looking forward to showing you guys my FROST bell string once I release the pattern next week! I would be interested in hearing if you also have this bell string tradition in your native countries ❤️🙏🏽😘”

What an incredible find. I bet Tinnas brain is working over time and I can not wait to see what she comes up with next.

Let’s get back to  Tinnas genius masterpiece “Frost

Frost uses mosaic crochet either worked  in the round or flat.
The possibilities of things you can make are endless. Blankets, cushions, bed or table runners, bags, hot pots, scarfs, and of course bell strings, along with so many others. Let you heart decide.

The Yarn you use is also full of possibilities, from thread to super bulky yarns, the World is your oyster. Just have fun.
As for yarn amounts, it’s totally dependent on what you are making. 
Tinna suggest you making a small swatch (just 1 repeat) of the pattern, using the yarn you have chosen. Then you can measure how large your repeat is and take it from there, adjusting this to the size you want your project to be. This way you can also measure how much yarn you need for one repeat, and then multiply that with how many repeats you will be doing in total. 

As for colour, Tinna highly recommended using at least two contrasting colors, which will make the pattern pop.
Don’t be scared of colour either, advice I really need to listen to.
Most importantly, enjoy your journey, let you hook smooth you soul, the yarn ignite your imagination.

So where can you get your hands on a copy of the pattern of the year, FROST.

Frost is available in Tinnas Ravelry store, here.
For an absolute bargain price of $8.50, thats about £6.56.

Before I sign off, here’s a few places you can find our very talented designer and friend.

Tinna’s website can be found here.

You can find all Tinna’s delicious pattern on Ravelry, here

You can show off you makes on her Facebook Group, Tina’s Crochet Club.

You can also follow her on Instagram, here.

You can find her on YouTube here.

Lastly, a huge Thank you to Tinna, for allowing me to share her wonderful photos and trusting me to be part of her team. It’s in incredible honour, truly.
Don’t forget to pop back soon as see my “FROST” creation.

Too-da-loo for now.


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