Chapter 1 – January 2022

Winter has always been my favourite season. Though grey and dull, it’s own special light illuminates the world unlike any other season.
From The purity of the shimmering frost, to the mesmerising flicker of the blue flame dancing in the fire grate, these magical elements somehow turns the dreariness of winter into the feeling of being home.
These walls we call home aren’t really the definition of what we call home, home is people, it’s love, it’s laughter, it’s understanding, it’s feeling safe and accepted. Home is all those wonderful angelic feeling rolled into one. Home is love. Home is family. Home will always be my comfort zone, my safe place, my heart.
No matter the feelings a season gives, as long as you feel at home, they will all be beautiful. 
Even though winter is the closest season to home, January has been long, trying and extremely hard. It’s been one of the hardest learning curves. It has unbalanced my soul and I’m longing for spring.
Looking back, thinking about what I’ve archive since I last put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) I feel I could have done better, I should strived harder and  accomplished more.
Or maybe I’m just being too hard on myself. For January was busy and looking back, was full of passion for the ones whom can before.


Family history.
My sister in-law Sarah and I have been working incredibly hard on our genealogy research. We’ve discovered so many interesting facts and stories of our ancestors and it’s been delightful. It’s truly and utterly warmed my heart and what’s made it more special is that I’ve been researching with Sarah.
I’m beyond frilled and honoured that Sarah, has agreed to share some of her research and discovery’s with you, something I’ve hoped for since I started filling this tiny space on the internet with my ramblings. I’m giddy with excitement.
I’m hoping to share a lot more about our history, our discovery’s and the lives of our ancestors, over the coming year with you, as they, their lives and loves, are the reason it’s possible for me to be here, breathing, loving, learning and understanding.


I found a few hours here and there to pick up my hook, calm my soul and  crochet. I finished a very important blanket I was making for my brother in law Smithy. Here’s a little sneaky peek, with all the information to follow shortly.

I worked a little on my Sholach Mosaic Christmas Trees by Abi McIntyre and boy what a pleasure it has been. I can’t wait to get back to it.

And I’ve been working along side the most awesome team of ladies whom we call Tinnas testers, testing her new stunning pattern, “Frost”.
Pop back real soon to read all about Frost. Trust me when I say you won’t want to miss this pattern release, which I believe is on the 9th of February. That’s if Tinna, can contain her excitement and wait that long. 
Here’s a sneaky peek of the joys to come.


Spring has teased us a little over the last few weeks, the sky has been the most magnificent blue, the sun dazzled and I finally managed to spend an hour or so in the garden. To be deadly honest it was pure heaven to be outside giving back to nature.  
I even made a new friend, the sweetest little Robin, whom waited patiently for worms as I dug new borders and prepared the earth for new beginnings.
I’ve sown a few seeds, which always gives me great pleasure. How can something so simple as placing a seed in the earth, be so rewarding. I think maybe it’s the lesson that even from darkness, beauty evolves. With a little warmth and light, new life or new beginnings can prosper from the darkest of places. Isn’t that incredible.
That tiny seed sown, has more meaning than I ever thought imaginable.


When I was first diagnosed four years ago, I never knew the journey having diabetes would take me on. How much it would change my life, especially since I became insulin dependent.
I truly never understood how complicated and dangerous diabetes is. 
It wasn’t until I had my first hypo, which has turned into nearly a daily occurrence, I thought s**t, something has to change,


I started the new year with the goal of going carb free, for as long as it took to get my diabetes under control or at least get my numbers down. I soon learnt the hard lesson that although carbs are incredibly bad for you, you need them in your diet.
When my eyesight went, my body shook uncontrollably, perspiration drenched my skin and hair and I became delirious, it was in that moment I released how dangerous and terrifying a hypo is but also that I wasn’t a failure for eating a small amount of carbs, I was being my own hero, I am keeping myself alive.
Although I despise that my life is run my alarms, medication, needle pricks, injections and carb counting, I now understand that it is necessary and probably the most important parts of my day, my life.
I still have so much to learn, but hopefully I will have a lifetime to learn about it, instead of life being cut short because of bad management.
I have to except that this is my life now and only I have the willpower, determination and knowledge to control the situation. It’s time to wake up and except the hand I have been given, even when people freak out because I have to inject myself in front of them. 


Poor Phillippe hasn’t had an adventure for a while but it’s not long until he will be heading to my favourite place, with my favourite people to celebrate my birthday.

Talking about birthdays, aren’t they funny things!
As children we long for them, we revel in them. But as we age, they become a painful reminder that life is short, that with every year that passes we gain extra wrinkles, grey hairs and everything goes south. 😖
With each year that passes, my heart reminds me that, I’m nearly the same age that my darling Dad was when he gained his heavenly wings. I always knew he was too young to leave, but as I creep closer to the age he was, I can only now fully comprehend how very young he really was and what a tragic waste of life and love. Life can be so very cruel. With those emotions running rings around my soul, I am determined to celebrate every year that passes because those of us that get the honour of ageing must begin to understand that life and time, is the greatest gift a person will ever receive.
Time holds no prisoners so enjoy it before it runs out.

Until next time my dear friends, be safe, be true, be you!!!



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