Granny Square – Back To Basics.

Although my mind is craving to make intrigue complex patterns, sometimes is a good thing to go back to basics, to rest the mind and remember where your journey began.
The beginning of my crochet journey was far from plain-sailing, I couldn’t even master a foundation chain.
It seriously took me a good weekend, if not more, to make a foundation chain, no bigger then 20 chains, if that.🥺
As for making the beginning of a Granny Square, I’m ashamed at how incredibly hard I found it even with lessons from my Mum in-law. I just couldn’t grasp it.
YouTube became my best friend and still I struggled more than I care to admit.
One thing I had going for me was passion, I was determined and thanks to Bella Cocos crochet channel, I surprised myself and finally made something that resembled a square.
I remember that moment like it was yesterday.

My first ever make was a basic Granny Square blanket, which I made for my twin sister Hayley.
I was so proud of it, even through in truth I had no idea how to finish it off and make it secure . I didn’t even weave the ends it. I just cut them off. 😱

Tail ends most likely have been my biggest learning curve. Instead of a quick snip with the scissors, I learnt to just stitch over them, which many people do and are happy to do this as by rights it works especially if you steam block your creation, setting those pesky ends in place.
Now I leave a yarn tail longer than I should and I weave every single one in, while catching the threads.
I can finally say, I feel this is the safest and most secure way. It’s not always an easy task especially if you use a tapestry needle or you leave a short tail but thanks to a great invention, the Susan Bates Finishing Needles, it’s so much easier, although still my pet peeve. You can buy them here.


Of course I ran before I could walk and drove into the deep-end and started a Sophie’s Universe, which surprisingly I managed, for one reason or another I never finished it which in true honesty was probably a good thing.
A few years down the line, I’m happy to say I can master most things I try. My passion for learning new stitches, and complex designs is on fire. That passion still burns as bright as the day I decided to learn to crochet.

While I was waiting on a yarn delivery to finish my Twisted Granny Lapghan, I decided to step back to basics and make a baby granny square blanket.
Even though it’s the most basic blanket you can make, it has been an absolute pleasure to make.

I used, Paintbox Simply Aran in Sea-Foam Blue, from, Love Crochet. I made 29 rounds.


I then made a round of single crochet, with 5 Sc in the corner spaces. My final round was a simple shell stitch, just to give it a little something special. I made 7 double crochet (dc) in the 3rd corner stitch, skipped 3 stitches and made a slip stitch, skipped two stitches and made 5 dc in next stitch. I repeated the skip 2, slip stitch, skip 2, 5 dc across until just before next corner, where I skipped 3 stitches and then made the 7 dc in the 3rd corner stitches. I repeated this on the other 3 sides and finished with an invisible join.


She roughly measures 29″ x 29″ before blocking.


I really do believe, that once in a while you should ease your mind and go back to the very beginning, to re-travel the roads you once walked and see how far you have actually come.
It’s truly enlightening.

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