Solis, Twisted Granny Lapghan

The “Twisted Granny” square, I believe was a designed by the Instagramer, gulag_degirmenci. Unfortunately there wasn’t a pattern available, but she had kindly posted a photo tutorial, which can be found on her Instagram feed.
I’m not sure what the square is actually called so when I made my first Lapghan, using the square I named it, 

“Twisted Granny.”

After I posted a few photos of my first, “Twisted Granny Laphgan“, (which you can read about here) it went down a storm, so I decided to make another in a different colour combo.

I decided to use Paintbox Simply Aran, a yarn that is becoming my go to yarn. 
It’s pretty much the same as, Stylecraft Special Aran but comes in a lot more colours.
Both yarns wash really well and are soft and snuggly, it’s just a shame Stylecraft have a very limited Aran colour range. 
Stylecraft Special and Paintbox Simply are both very reasonably priced, which helps to keep the cost down if I decide to sell my finished projects.
I would love to be able to make everything, in a more expensive, great quality yarn, but people just don’t seem to want to pay more than they can buy a mass-produced factory blanket, they can pick up in a supermarket.
It’s such a shame as anything handmade is so much more special and unique than shop brought goods. Let’s not get into that now though.

I worked along the same principle as my first “Twisted Granny.”
I used the following colours –

Colour Colour Number
Mandarin Orange  217
Seville Orange 218
Blood Orange  219
Tomato Red  212
Rose Red  213
Pillar Red 214
Red Wine 215


I made 12 squares using the below colour sequence for every square and I started each square, with a chain 3, instead of a magic circle.

Rounds Colour 
 1 & 2  Mandarin Orange 
3 & 4 Seville Orange
5 & 6 Blood Orange 
7 & 8 Tomato Red 
9 & 10 Rose Red 
11 & 12  Pillar Red
13 & 14 Red Wine

After round 14, I made an extra round as below – Half Double Crochet (hdc) in every stitch across until the corner, making 3 hdc, chain 2, 3 hdc in the corners.

I then joined the squares with the, “Flat surface slip stitch join.”


I crocheted around the joined squares with a half double crochet to give a nice clean edge.

For the border, I made an additional round of Double Crochet in the colour, Red Wine, making 2 Dc, chain 2, 2 dc in the 3rd corner stitch and then I made a round of Single Crochet, in colour 219, Blood Orange, making 2 sc, chain 2, 2 sc in the corner spaces.
I then made a round of double crochet, making 2 dc, chain 2, 2 dc in the corner-spaces, using colour 215, Red Wine and finished with a final round as follows 


🧶Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet, Triple Crochet, picot-3, Triple Crochet, Double Crochet, Half Double Crochet in corner space, 
🧶Skip the hidden stitch, 
🧶slip stitch in next stitch, 
🧶skip 1 stitch, 
🧶5 Double Crochets in next stitch, 
🧶skip 2 stitches, 
🧶continue with Single crochets in every stitch across, stopping 6 stitches before every corner, 
🧶skip 2 stitches , 
🧶5 Double Crochets in next stitch, 
🧶skip 1 stitch , 
🧶slip stitch in next stitch , 
🧶skip 1 stitch 
🧶and repeat until you have crocheted all the way around.
🧶 Join with an invisible join to finish.


This Twisted Granny was a little yarn eater and ended up using 18 skeins. (Yarn amounts are rounded up)

Colour  Skeins
Mandarin Orange  1
Seville Orange 1
Blood Orange  3
Tomato Red  2
Rose Red  2
Pillar Red 3
Red Wine 6

She measures roughly 55″ X 42″, a perfect Lapghan.

I named her

☀️ Solis ☀️



I’m pretty pleased with how she turned out.
I’m not sure which is my favourite.
Which is yours?


Now it’s on to the next project so please pop back to see what it is.
Until than, smile until your jaw hurts, dance like no one is watching, and do what ever makes you happy. 



P.s, this beauty is up for sale, give me a shout if you fancy giving it a forever home. 

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