Waffle Locust

A few months ago I started making myself a waffle stitch blanket for our newly renovated utility room.
I wanted something thick, snuggly and textured to wrap over my legs while I drink my morning coffee, I just had to find the right pattern and yarn.
After a quick look through one of my Pinterest boards I knew it could be no other blanket than the “Waffle Stitch Blanket.”
There are hundreds, I mean hundreds of patterns out there for this timeless pattern but I decided to use, “Amanda Crochets” pattern, from Amandacrochets.com.
It’s a free pattern but it also can be brought as a ad free pattern on her Etsy shop.
Her version of the blanket is gorgeous, I need to get my hands on that yarn.
Don’t you agree it’s pretty damn scummy!


With the pattern picked, I had the perfect yarn in mind.
My hubby had brought me some, Scheepjes Namaste, in the colour 617, Bridge, which I’ve been saving to make myself something special.
It was perfect, or so I thought.
Unfortunately the gorgeous Scheepjes Namaste, colour Bridge, wasn’t floating my boat so I had some major frogging to do. 🐸


I was expecting it to be burgundy but in reality it’s more of a rusty brown colour that lets off a burgundy tinge in certain lights. I was disappointed as I love, love, love, Scheepjes Namaste. It’s a gorgeous soft squeezy yarn, but the colour just wasn’t right. I am not a fan of brown, it’s probably my most disliked colour.
This meant one thing, I got to hunt for the perfect colour yarn which is always fun.😀

I knew I definitely wanted to use Scheepjes Namaste, but what colour?
I’ve had a thing for the mustard colour tones, we’ve been seeing everywhere this year so I decide to step outside my normal interior comfort zone and go all out and use mustard for the contrasting colour in the room and for the blanket.
I made a Wool Warehouse order of only five Skein of Scheepjes Namaste in the colour Locust (604), just in case I wasn’t keen on the colour and I patiently waited for the sound of the post man driving up, along with the bark of our fur baby (He doesn’t like postmen or ladies, no idea why but boy doesn’t he let the hamlet know that the postman is here)
Once again the yarn let off difference hues, in one light it looked the perfect shade of mustard, and in another it almost looks gold.
In all honesty I felt a little uncomfortable, as it was so far outside my comfort zone but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it so I took the bull by the horns and started a new wip.
As most of us crafters, crocheters aka hookers, knitters etc, I have more than enough wips on the go, so Knew this project would be slow going especially with my secret project in full flow. (Only 5 more rounds and I will be finished 🥺)

I picked up my trusty 6mm clover hook, chained 137 and made a start.


Although it wasn’t the fastest project, it was calm, relaxing and one of those projects that took next to no concentration so perfect for a quick pick up, throw down, tv watching dream.
It was also a great pattern to work on for when you mind needs resting.


My progress was slow, especially as life has gotten very hectic of late with lots of home and garden renovations, but it didn’t really matter as I was really enjoying the calm of making it and wasn’t really in a hurry to finish.


I was beginning to run out of yarn and really didn’t want to buy more as it was a good size for what I was planning on using it for.
Ok in truth it could have been made a little bigger/longer, but I know the price was spiralling after using 10 skeins at £6.25 each.
I really didn’t want to buy anymore yarn with our garden reno in full spring and made the decision to finish her up without the one round of single crochet border. I don’t think it needs it.
If I change my mind over the next few weeks I may add one in a contrasting colour, we will see.


So last night I stitched the last stitch, weaved in the last end and she was finished.


I counted up how many skeins I had used, calculated the cost and was a tad shocked at how much it had cost me.
I hadn’t used 10 skeins like I thought, I had used 15, at a cost of £93.75 😬


Although I was a little surprised at the cost, I think it’s worth every penny.
It’s looks rather good in its new home and I’m pleased as punch with it.
It’s so snuggly, soft, cuddly and warm.
I really do love it.
It really is perfect for our newly renovated utility/boot room/morning coffee room.

If I’ve learnt one thing from this project, it would be to step outside your comfort zone, play with colour because you’ll be surprised at how lovely things can turn out.

And I love how the back looks pretty awesome to!

Until next time,
Too-da-loo for now.


9 thoughts on “Waffle Locust

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    • Thank you for your lovely comments. The yarn changes depending on the light and now looking a it there is a very slight green hue in certain lights but the gold and mustard colours definitely dominate. I hope that helps.
      G x


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