House to Home – Boot-room aka utility-room.

When we moved into Number 15, our utility room/boot room, was beyond ugly. No matter how much I scubbed it, it never looked clean. It was a real sorry state of affairs and an all round embarrassment.
It’s the first room family and friends see as the enter our home, so I really wanted this small area to look half decent.
I’m happy to say after a lot, I mean a lot of hard work, it’s looking pretty damn fine.
Sadly I forgot to take before photos, in truth though I wouldn’t want to hurt your eyes by sharing them, just know it was bad, really BAD!!!
Now I love sitting out there with my morning coffee, listening to the birds sing, the church bells ring, the lamb barring in the fields and hearing the occasional cockcoo.

I hope you agree it’s looking rather nice, after my hubby Mark, Aka Greens Plumbing, built plywood cupboards to house the washing machine, tumble drier, freezer and microwave, with extra storage for dog towels, blankets and all those bulky kitchen gadgets that only get used from time to time.
He also included a space for all his photography gear, with handy tripod storage.


He made window seats with under storage, perfect for all our shoes, collage bags and steam cleaner.


As all the ugly electric and fuseboxes are in this room , he build a cubboard to house them which gave us a little more storage for fish food, dog brushes, garden gloves, all the stuff you need daily but don’t want on you kitchen sides. You can never have enough storage in my books, so all these little extra storage areas were an added bonus. We did buy handles for those but choose not to usse them.


The plywood was treated with, Colron Bee-wax, and handles were added.
I had a picture in my mind of the handles I wanted, after seeing them on Pinterest. They were unfortunately not easy to find but I finally managed to track down the right size and colour on Amazon.

We decided to leave the walls rough brick and were painted in Dulux weather shield Concrete grey masonry paint. Mark laid thetiled floor, finishing the room off perfectly especially with the tiny glitter sparkle in the gout.


It now needed to be soften, so we hung a few of Marks gorgeous photographs which we had printed on Acrylic and Aluminium. Please check out his photos here, which are available for purchase.
Mark has now declared this room his art gallery, lol 😂

We have a ugly electric radiator in the room, it had to be covered, it was bringing the whole room down. We hardly ever use it so it was safe to cover.
I spent hours searching for the perfect radiator cover, they aren’t the prettiest of things are they? I didn’t want a box standard one and my constant dropping hints to Mark to make me one, fall on deaf ears, giving me my answer, a big fat NO!😂
Mmy hunt continued, I finally found one in the right size on eBay.
Money though was tight so I finished off a blanket I was making and sold it to cover the costs of the radiator cover.


The guy who makes them was beyond helpful, his email reply’s were prompt but unfortunately his delivery service wasn’t and they lost my order. 😫
I was gutted but after a few emails, a replacement was being made and was once again shipped out to me. Once again, it never arrived on the date it should have but thankfully it finally arrived a few days later.
You wouldn’t believe it, it was too big.
With a quick measure and a trim, it’s now sitting pretty hiding that god damn awful electric radiator.


I’m very lucky that I have a very talented cousin Michelle who makes the most beautiful curtains and blinds, who dressed our window for us.
We decided that Roman blinds would be best, as our Mummy Cat uses the window as her cat flap, for some reason she will not use her own little door.
I stepped outside my decor colour comfort zone and pick a mustard fabric and I’m glad I did, it looks great.
I must say it’s an honour to be able to dress the window with Michelles wonderful talent and skill.
Don’t they look stunning


We brought some foam sheets and dark grey fabric, from EBay and Kelly (I can’t remember her companies name right now but I will let you know when I do) worked her magic, turning them into cushions for the window box seats.
I’m more than chuffed with them and the quality of her work.
The piping just finish them off perfectly.


I brought a vase from Next, along with some single artificial stems and flowers.
Next artificial flowers are pretty good so I played it safe. I’m not very lucky when it comes to internet shopping, nothing turns out how I imagined it would. Artificial flowers are one of the hardest things to get right.
I will add some hydrangeas when I can find ones that look real.


A Mango Peach Salsa medium Yankee candle, which smells divine, sits next to it. Along with a set of Black figurines.
If I remember correctly these were brought from Next, a good few years ago.

IMG_1585 copy


I added my waffle stitch blanket, made from Scheepjes Namaste and was pleasantly surprised that it matched perfectly with the blind.
You can read about it here.


I’m still on the hunt for the perfect cushions to finish it off, however I brought the cutest bee cushion, from next. I love it. 🐝
Michelle will be making me a cushion to match the blind. For now though they are on hold because our fur baby has decided he likes the taste of cushions and has munched his way through all of ours, hopefully he will leave the bee cushion alone. 🐶


We brought a new, 2 Panel Knotty pine Internal Door, from B&Q.
We had this door in our very first home and I still love them.
I was planning on buying glass panel black doors but once again I couldn’t find any that matched the picture in my mind, well none in my budget. I’m sure the door will look just as nice, hopefully. All I need now is for Mark to fit it. Fitting doors isn’t his favourite pastime so I may be waiting awhile. I won’t be holding my breath that’s for sure.


The Pair of Black Hammered Victorian Scroll lever latch door handles, were from Amazon which just completes the look. Im not to sure about these now and may change them to something different as my taste has changed rather alot since i wrote this months and months ago.


The door will treated with Colton Bees Wax to match the plywood.🐝
I’m totally smitten with our little utility/boot/morning room and think it may just become my new place to crochet.

It’s near on impossible to get a photo of the whole room, as it is not the largesh but this tiny space has given me so much joy. To have a room transformed into a useable, calming space fills my soul with calm and joy.

Thanks to my soulmate and my better half Mark, our house is slowly but surely turning into a home, a home I can be proud of.

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