House to home, Box Room Makeover

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since me and my boy tackled their bedrooms.
Both were in a sorry state and desperately needed a little tlc, well actually a lot of tlc.
Mark was heading to Germany for his yearly trip to Hockenheim drag strip, to crew for my brother in law Smithy.
The boys and I took the opportunity to make over both their rooms at once, in hopes Mark would come home to something that resembled a half descent diy job.
For those of you that know me, will know I love, love, love a good old room makeover. From designing the space, picking out all the accessories and watching it all come to life. To me there is nothing more satisfying.
I’ve always enjoyed getting down and dirty with a paint brush. Sadly my health hasn’t played ball over the last 7 years and I just can’t do what I want to anymore.
But I’m pretty pigheaded and try my upmost not to let it stop me. More often than not, I get stopped in my tracks especially over the last few years. Life in general has got a lot harder, even those boring day to day chores like hoovering has become increasingly hard and exhausting. I try my best though because if I don’t what standard of life will I have.
It doesn’t bare to think about if I’m honest.
In truth taking on two rooms at once was definitely biting off more than I could chew and boy did I pay for it, in the weeks to follow. However it was so worth it.
To be able to give something back to Mark, was a wonderful feeling. Just knowing that the boys and I had managed to lighten his forever growing to do list was so soul soothing.
Ok, ok, he had to finish off a few things like laying the floor, changing the light and hanging pictures. I just don’t trust myself not to knock huge holes in the walls.
I would love to learn how to lay floors even if I am so much slowly then what Mark would be, I’m sure the feelings of achievement would be so satisfying. Of course I would probably beat myself up, that it’s not good enough and more than likely fear the nonexistent judgement that would be playing havoc with my mind. But I so very much want to learn how to use power tools and be able to tackle most rooms myself.
For the moment though, I’m going to have to settle with the fact that I’m pretty handy with a paintbrush even if it takes me so much longer than it ought to.🖌

What was so great about working on the boys rooms was I gave them the opportunity to design their own spaces. From picking their own wall colours, flooring to the art that hangs on their walls.
Calum jumped at the chance and got well into it, especially picking the art for his walls. He even saved up his birthday money so he could buy the lighting system he wanted.

Isn’t it great. 👍

We spent hours upon hours, looking at art work. Calum decided on two awesome pieces that just finish the space off perfectly.

It really does look awesome and he loves it, and that’s all that matters, especially as he spends 95% of his time in his room.
The room is tiny, truly tiny, so it was always going to be a challenge to make a calming, airy space, where he can feel totally at home and at ease.

When we moved into this house, his room looked like this.


Not the best picture I know, as our house is rather on the dark side but you can get a rough idea of what we had to play with/deal with.
Considering how small the room is, he also has the stair housing intruding into the already tiny space.

We really hadn’t done much to the room, apart from a quick coat of red paint, which he picked out before we had moved in. Mark made a few cubby holes for the wall and a storage kind of desk/worktop/storage area. Sorry I don’t have before photos. I’m rubbish I know, here’s an after photo, of the upper cubby hole unit.


The old red walls we’re very dark, depressing and, how do I put this, crushing almost.
It wasn’t how a bedroom should feel.
Calum suffers badly with anxiety and those red walls were not helping in the slightest. We desperately needed to lighten the mood in there.

Cal decided to paint the whole room white, with the odd accent of black thrown in, which was a great call. The room is so much lighter now, it looks bigger and it’s definitely a calming space.

He even picked a near on white laminate flooring.
He brought colour into the room with the art.
We decided on a black, blackout roller blind and plain white curtains. Curtains that have now had numerous cans of coke, or cups or coffee or hot chocolate spilt on them and they wash up a dream, thank goodness.


The artwork he chose was from, Etsy and Displate.

Cal was super pleased with both. What I will say is, if you order from Displate, it may be worth splashing out on a frame as the magnetic wall hanging only worked for a few months and the metal picture came crashing to the floor.
Unfortunately you can’t buy frames from them separately, only when you buy the original picture.
They are kinda strange sizes so we have really struggled to get the right size frame unless we want to go custom, which in truth just isn’t in our budget right now.


We were both super pleased with the art print from, DecArtStore on Etsy.
Their Communication was 2nd to none and they even replaced the print after the postman somehow got it rather wet, destroying the edges of the print.
I couldn’t recommend this company highly enough. They are the bees knees.


I’m pretty proud of the way Cal and I brought this room together. We love it, truly we do.
What do you think? Could you cosy on down in here?

One thing I would change is the gaming chair, but that will have to wait for now. And maybe put some cupboard doors on the lower storage area.


I best get learning how to use those power tools and a measuring tape.
Yep I’m pretty damn unless at math. I’ll blame the brain fog for that and this getting old Malarkey but in truth I’m not the brightest button in the stack when it comes to numbers, let alone speech. I’m often the butt of everyone’s jokes.
Just don’t ask me to say,

“I’m very worried about the apocalypse!!!”

I’ll leave you with a few more pics and hope to see you back here soon for our garden reveal. How I love our garden. Just need the sun to come back so we can actually spend some time out there as it’s definitely my happy place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Take care my lovely’s.
Too-da-loo for now.


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