Round Up, Round Up – August 2019

August, the summer of Sundays.
Sunbeams dancing over our sun kissed skin, the glorious smell of bbq’s, care free days, lovely warm evenings. And with one turn of a page on our calendars, it’s over.
As we all desperately try to hold onto summer, the evenings drunken, the morning dew twinkles as the late morning sun sets the world alight in all it’s glory.
Soon the trees will turn to the most breathtaking colours and we’ll be shown once again how beautiful autumn really is. You could say it’s even more wonderful than summer (well the sun kissed, crisp, dry days are anyway).
Fires begin to crackle, as we hook out, our all time favourite hoodies and jeans, flip flops replaced by deliciously warm socks as we fight the urge to put the dreaded heating in.
School, college and universities return to normal, as millions of first day photos appear, all over social media and us proud as punch parents hide their welling eyes as they hand over their precious child to someone else’s care.
The feeling of carefree days gets replaced with clock watching, as we try our upmost to settle back into a routine and not fail at parenthood.

August though was gone with a blink of an eyes, truly I swear days were stolen.
It’s been crazy busy with whirlpools of emotion as we eagerly awaited GCSE results and tried are hardest to talk through those life changing decisions that came along with those dreaded pieces of paper.
I for one, couldn’t be any prouder of my youngest Son Calum and my two beautiful nieces, Ashin and Harley, who all took their GCSE’s in early summer.
The pressure our poor kids are put under is just damn awful. Not only the pressure but the amount of exams they have to now take. The system is just so wrong and I’m not alone in saying it needs to change and change fast.

With Cals exam results in hand, it was time to visit his college of choice and be told if he’s good enough to follow his dreams, his life plan, his passion.
The fear and pressure he must have felt as he entered that meeting with me in tow, to then be judged my a stranger who would have made their mind up about this future student at first glance and from numbers printed on many pieces of paper.
Thankfully Cals had done pretty damn good in his exams and with his drive, passion and determination to succeed he won her heart and got into the course he really wanted. High five to that. 🖐
I have to say, I’m the proudest Mummy on this earth right now and I know that what ever Cal decides to do in life, his amazing soul, heart, mind, cheeky lovable character and his passion/determination will get him through and he’ll steal the show.
I’m sure I’ll join the millions of happy tearful snappers, when he ventures out the door for his first day at college and eagerly await a text, phone call or him walking back through that door to hear how magical his first day at College was.
No matter what his future holds, (I know it’s going to be fantastic) my pride and love for him and his brother Con will only grow. They are pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. ❤️

As you may have read from my last post (which you can read about here), the “Warpspeed Racing” team, just returned from their road trip to German.
What you may not know is, my Brother In-law Smithy, is one of the riders and my gorgeous Sister Kerry and my hubby Mark, are his crew.

It’s always extremely hard when Mark goes away with the racing team, especially this weeklong trip to Germany.
You see we live in a little hamlet in the countryside, with one shop just over a mile away.
I do not drive and with my health issues I’m kinda cut off from the rest of the world, even more so when Mark’s away. I can’t even walk to the shop, so it’s not easy. Thankfully I had my boys at home with me and the three of us decided that while Mark was away, we would make a good old start on turning our house into a home by decorating both their bedrooms.
Although physically it was hard on my body, by the end of the week I felt like every bone had been shattered into a trillion pieces, my normal exhaustion had quadrupled and I ached in places I never knew was possible BUT I loved every minute of it.
That time spent with my boys, just the three of us was beyond perfect. And the rooms are looking great.
Cals is 99% done and I hope to share with you, what it looks like in the next few weeks, as part of our House to home series.
Con’s is all painted and ready for his new floor to go down. It’s going to look lush when it’s finished but I’ll tell you more real soon.
What I will say is that, I let them pick their own colours and even their own flooring and artwork for their walls. They did good, real good and I’m proud as punch at how well it came together.

As for project “Operation Coffee Deck” it’s coming along slowly but surely.
With Mark away Racing, a few wet weekends and even more extremely hot ones, it hasn’t been easy, especially as the area we are working on is in full sun. We have fried out there.

I’ve been trying my hardest to help out where I can, to pitch in because I also feel incredibly guilty that Mark is out there working on his only day off, after grafting so hard fitting bathrooms and kitchens all week.
I’m slower than I should be and have to sit down and rest much more than I like but I do feel better for trying to help, I just wish I could do more.
The weather is going to be against us now, as well as life’s everyday challenges but we are determined to finish it before winter sets in. Fingers crossed. 🤞
How I so very much wish my Dad was here to help us out, all the while spending some quality time with him.
If only life has thrown us a kinder hand. God I miss him. 😢


I haven’t wrote about my diabetes for ages and thats for one reason and one reason only, I’m failing BADLY!!!
I just can’t seem to stay on top, find any nice recipes but mainly find the motivation to eat healthy.
I think it’s mainly down to life being so busy, it’s been manic for months now.
It’s taking its toll on me and I can feel a humongous difference in my health, but just as important my sleeping.
I’m a terrible sleeper, I fall asleep easily but staying that way just doesn’t happen.
I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night, not waking every hour. It’s exhausting.
So please if you have any tips tricks, recipes or anything that can help please send me an email, I need all the help I can get.

I finally managed to finish my secret project and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
It’s beyond beautiful.
I can now tell you that I was making the “Phoenix Afghan Cal” by Vanessa at “Hooked On Sunshine” for a pressie for my In-laws, Janet and Roger.
You can read all about it here.

My Phoenix Afghan/bed throw, has to be my all time favourite (finished) make to date, not only is it breathtakingly beautiful but it was so very enjoyable to make. The months and months spent on it was worth every second.
It cost me a pretty packet to but in my eyes it’s priceless.
If you crochet, move this pattern to the top of your to make list because you’ll regret it if you don’t and will miss out on an incredible journey.
Don’t forget you can read all about my Phoenix, yarn, size and cost here. Also loads of handy tips and tricks.
Enjoy. 😊


I started making a blanket for my Sister Kerry’s, Birthday present.
I’ve been against the clock from day one which always takes a little of the pleasure away but with that said, I’m so loving making this pattern.
It’s been on my to make list for so long now and I have so many ideas running around my head to make more of this delightful pattern, I’m pretty excited for those, especially as I want to make the perfect bed-runners for my boys rooms, I just need the time.
So I decided to make Kerry, the Indiana Afghan by Tinna Thórudóttir.
I just love her patterns, they are so much fun.
Kerry picked three colours, Black, White and Grey, I ordered the yarn and set to work.
Luckily for you all, Kerry is one busy lady and doesn’t get to read my blogs very often so I’m safe to share a pic with you but ssshhhhhhh it’s a secret so please don’t spill the beans to her.
I think it’s looking fab so far.
What do you think?


I started the border yesterday, so fingers crossed I will have it done in time.
When it’s finished and gifted, I’ll tell you more about it, what yarn I used, how I changed the pattern around just a little, the final size and what the yarn cost and of course share lots of photos.
I really can’t wait to share it with you.


You may have already read that I also finished my “Waffle Stitch Afghan.”
I wont bore you with all the details as you can have a good old read all about it here.

I think that about sums up my hectic month, it’s definitely been crazy busy, fun, rewarding, emotional and full of pride and hope.
Don’t forget to pop back in the next few days to find out what gorgeous masterpiece has pulled on my heartstrings and is August’s Crochet Crush and also see the beautiful photos taken by my ever so talented husband Marks, in his series “Photography – The Beauty Of Life, Captured”
Hopefully I’ll also post the first instalment of our House To Home” series within the next week or so.
So until next time,


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