Hockenheimring, FIM European Championships 2019

As you know, the Warpspeed Racing, team took a little road trip to Germany’s Hockenheimring to compete in the 2019 FIM European championships.
The team left on the 11th August and made their way to Dover, on to Calais, France and then spent a few days chilling at Camping Intel, Winningen, Germany.
Feeling rather refreshed and ready for some speed, they made their way to Hockenheimring Race Track.

Stuart’s first run was eventful with the bike making a hard turn right on the hit. Stuart was fighting the bike from crossing the centre line which led him to aborting the run with damage to the exhaust system and wheelie bars.😫
On Run number 2, he started to see some strange issues with the bike resulting in the bike cutting out at the end of first gear so he rolled the throttle and coasted through on a 15 second pass.
In the eliminations, Stuart faced Rikard Gustafsson but unfortunately for Stuart those gremlins were back and the motor cut on the hit .


On Dales first pass, he had chassis set up issues and had to shut out of the pass causing a blown head gasket and although the team worked as fast as we could we just missed the 2nd qualifier.
Rain stopped play on the Saturday meaning Dales first qualifier was his only one, luckily enough he still put him 5th place in the field.
Elimination 1 on Sunday saw Dale, line up next to Thomas Peterson, another methanol funnybike, unfortunately for Thomas he broke a rocker in the head and was unable to make a pass handing Dale a bye run.
This was Dale’s first clean pass on the bike, his 5th ever pass on the new turbo set up.
With all the power taken out he managed to pull a 7.1 second pass at 190mph.
Next Dale faced Rikard Gustafsson, in elimination 2. Rikard is always a tuff customer to beat but Dale gave it his best shot, holeshooting Rikard out the gate but the nitro bike pulled past and took the win.
Dale improved on his previous run with a 7.0 at 195mph and now has a great base set up to go into the finals at Santa pod in a few weeks where I’m sure the team can improve on these times. (Watch this space for more information.)


Mark Smith’s first pass went really well and he pulls a 7.5 straight down the middle pass, while only running in 3 cylinders, Not bad hey.
Mark aka Smithy or should we say “Father Christmas” is chuffed to nuts as he now has a new personal best, making all the late nights and stress over his camper engine rebuild and maybe not actually making it to Hockenheimring, worth it.
He’s one happy camper.
This was where the cards turned and unfortunately bad weather stopped play, taking away his chance to show us all what he’s made of.
Even though Smithy, had qualified at number 7, because he hadn’t run in the 6’s, he could not go any further in this competition.



All in all the team had a blast and they headed home in great spirits, raring to get back to the track for the FIA Final Rounds, on the 5th – 8th September, at Santa Pod Raceway.


Of course the team wouldn’t be able to do, all they do, without the continued support of their sponsors, Warpspeed Racing, MPM Oil, Draper Tools, MDH Body Repair CentreThe Leeks Landscapes Group and Green’s Plumbing and they would like to say a huge “Thank you” to them.


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If you fancy seeing the “Warpspeed Racing” team and their awesome machines, why not pop along to Santa Pod, for the FIA Final Rounds. You can get your tickets here.
Of course you can always pop back and have a gander at what they have gotten up to.
Until next time,


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