Imagine – Nuts About Dna Afghan, Square 100

I’m sure you’ve read about the double sized bed throw I’m making my mum, which I’ve called

“Nuts About DNA Afghan”

It’s been a while since I’ve made a Granny Square for it but yesterday I found a little time and made one.

Polly Plum from “Every Trick On The Hook” releases a free square a few weeks ago, called


Funny enough it’s her 100th pattern and it just happens to be the 100th square for mums blanket.
It must have been meant.

Granny Squares are my all time favourite thing to make closely followed by Overlay crochet and mosaic crochet and Polly’s Imagine square didn’t disappoint.
It’s way easy going, full of texture, very well written and let’s not forget, beautiful.
It was everything you could wish for in a pattern.


I would even go as far to say it’s my favourite square of the 100 I have made so far for this bed throw.
Isn’t it just gorgeous.


All credit has to go to Polly and the scrummy Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn.
I used the same colour pallet as the rest of the blanket, my trusty 3.75mm clover soft touch hook and made the following colour order.

Round 1 – Malachite
Round 2 – Rose Quartz
Round 3 – Citrine
Round 4 – Moon Stone
Round 5 – Moon Stone
Round 6 – Citrine
Round 7 – Malachite
Round 8 – Rose Quartz
Round 9 – Enstatite
Round 10 – Enstatite
Round 11 – Corundum Ruby
Round 12 – Moon Stone
Round 13 – Moon Stone
Round 14 – Moon Stone
Round 15 – Moon Stone
Round 16 – Moon Stone
Round 17 – Rose Quartz
Round 18 – Garnet


Most of the squares I’ve made so far have had to be modified for size and stitch count, as all squares need to finish with a stitch count of 44 Half Double Crochets.
For my Imagine Square, I made two extra rounds after modifying round 16 of the pattern.
For Round 16 I made 1dc, chain 2, 1 dc in corners instead of 2 dc, Chain 2, 2 dc (Dc – Double Crochet)

The extra rows were made as follows –
Round 17 – Back Post Half Double Crochet (bphdc) across, 2 Half Double Crochet (hdc), chain 2, 2 hdc in corners.

Round 18 –
2 Half Double Crochet (hdc), chain 2, 2 hdc in corners, miss the hidden stitch and Half Double Crochet across (44 hdc on each side)


I think it turned out pretty well, the only thing I would change is the colours of rows 9 and 10. I wish I had used, Citrine instead of Enstatite.
Apart from that I love how it turned out.


I have an idea for this square, I just need to save some penny’s and get stitching so please watch this space.


Don’t forget you can visit Polly Plum, get help or support, and stay up to date on new patterns by checking out her websiteFor things like tutorials and free patterns follow Every Trick on the Hook on Facebook, you can follow  polly_plum_crochet on instagramand also find her on Ravelry Polly’s Place on Ravelryand get lots of help and support from the Facebook group, Polly Plum Pattern Posse.


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So until next time, have a hooktastic day.
Too-da-loo for now.


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