As my baby boy Calum, headed out the door for his first day at college studying all the ologys, my heart couldn’t be more proud.
While he takes the next stage of his life with passion and determination, it’s made me look at my life and focus and made me realise I’m failing badly.
So I’m going to put on my big girls pants and take a page out of his book and turn my eating around.
Last year I was told that I had type 2 diabetes and all though it’s not as dangerous as type 1, I’m very high risk because of my other health issues.
I started out really well changing a life time of bad habits, cutting out all carbs which was extremely hard as I love rice and pasta, bread and roast potatoes don’t forget Chocolate, omg I love chocolate. 🍫
Over the last few months life has been so busy and stressful that my no carb rule has gone out the window.
Today though is the start of getting back on it, I have to be strict with myself in hopes it makes me feel better not just physically but mentally to.
So I’m asking kindly for your help.
Please can you share with me any tasty recipes that are no carb or very low carb and help me kick my bad eating habits. (No fish dishes please 🐟)
Thank you in advance and have a lovely day, filled with love, hope and positivity.



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