Nuts About DNA Afghan – The Reveal.

It’s with a heavy heart and a little reluctance that I sit down to write the final part of my “Nuts About DNA Afghan” journey.
For when the final words are written, it’s well and truly over.

I’m not often proud of myself but looking at the finished blanket in all it’s glory upon my Mums bed, pride that I so rarely feel engulfs my soul.
I can’t believe I made it.
That little old me with ice Cold, stiff, painful, swallow, disforming fingers, actually made something so pretty.
The girl the teachers told was thick, who will never amount to anything, the girl who’s self worth and selflove is near on invisible has actually achieved something.

Not only did I make something so intricate and beautiful but I made my Mum fill with tears while smiling from ear to ear.
Now that is what it’s all about.
Being able to gift something to the ones you love the most. To know it will be treasured for a life time.
To be about to gift them a hug in the form of yarn. Yarn that is switch with love and countless memories.
Each square holds its own special memory, its own meaning, not only my own but the designers to.
Each square joined together to warm a soul, through those dark cold maybe lonely days and nights.
A symbol of my love for them.

Let’s start at the very beginning.
Way back in September 2017 I started the journey of making what I thought was to be 144 squares for a blanket that would fit a double bed floor to floor. In reality I only needed to make 110.
This blanket/throw/bedspread would be a present for my wonderful Mum.
She’s the best Mum anyone could dream of having, her heart and love is true and she truly deserves a little something special.
Mum picked her colours and I started to work making the first square of many.
My intention was to follow the original “Nuts About Squares Crochet Along” adding squares that took my fancy.
I decided to start with one of my all time favourite squares, “Lotus Moon” by Polly Plum and over the last two years between making other blankets, hats, shawls and bags I made square after square until a few weeks before Christmas, all the squares were made.
With only the joining and border to go I set myself the unthinkable almost impossible challenge to get all the squares joined, border made, ready to gift it to my Mum on Boxing Day.

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Some how I pulled it off. Trust me though when I say how utterly stressed out I was, with still a pile of presents to wrap, Christmas food preparation to do and somehow stay on top of everything else life demands.
The sigh of relief when the last end was weaved in, it was boxed up and wrapped was almost overwhelming.

And here it is, in its new home.


What do you think?
Would you have loved it as much as mum does?

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Let’s get on to the facts and figures not that it’s ever been about how much the yarn cost, or the hours it’s taken to make but I know some of you will be interested so I have rough amounts for you.

Firstly colour.
Mums choice of yarn at hand, my all time favourite yarn, Scheepjes Stone Washed, in colours

Moon Stone, Garnet, Corundum Ruby, Citrine, Malachite, Enstatite and Rose quartz

Which I purchased from Wool Warehouse and Lusciously Loopy Yarn.

The squares including can be found here, with all my colour placement information.

Squares 1
Squares 2-5
Squares 6-10
Squares 11-15
Squares 16-20
Squares 21-25
Squares 26 – 30
Squares 31-35
Squares 36-40
Squares 41-50
Squares 51-60
Squares 61-70
Squares 71-80
Squares 82 -90
Squares 91 -98
Squares 100
Squares 101
Squares 102
Squares 103
Squares 104
Squares 105
Squares 106
Squares 107
Squares 108-110

When I first started, I kept all the yarn bands so I would know how many of each colour I had used, somehow though these have been misplaced along the way, so we weighed the blanket before it was wrapped and gifted.

It’s weighs 5.9kg so the estimated amount of skeins used is 118 and the estimated cost of yarn is £352.82, not taking into account all the yarn cut off after weaving in ends, fogging certain square because I wasn’t happy with colour placement or throwing away a few squares that I just wasn’t happy with.
And with the final information given, photos shared, my “Nuts About DNA Afghan” journey is sadly over and all I have left to say, is a huge thank you for all the love, kind words, support and friendships I have received throughout my journey.its rather humbling to know so many of your very talented crochet community have shown such an interest in Mums blanket. It’s been an absolute pleasure to share my journey with you all.

So what am I going to hook up next? You’ll just have to pop back soon to find out.
I truly do appreciated every visit.

Have a hooktastic day.
Too-da-loo for now.

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