Nuts About DNA Afghan – Square 102 – Mrs. Lukas

My 102nd square, for my Nuts about DNA afghan, is the beautiful, “Mrs. Lukas Square” a paid pattern by Diana Krenz aka koernerklaus.
What can I say about the 
“Mrs. Lukas” square?
I love, love, love it. The texture, the detail, the stitch definition, the simplicity of the pattern and how beautiful it looks in any colour.If you haven’t made it, it really is a must so please pop on over to Ravelry and buy yourself a coffee. It’s only €2.66 which is about £2.46, thats less than a cup of coffee and so much more fun. The colour possibilities are endless, it would look absolutely stunning as a stand-alone afghan or mixed up with
Diana Krenz other breathtaking squares or you could make it in to a bag, a scarf, anything your heart desires.
Trust me you can’t go wrong with this square or any other of
Diana Krenz creations. She even has a gorgeous border pattern called Persian Dream Border, which is free on Ravelry, it would look splendid with any of her squares.

Mrs. Lukas” Square, had to be included in, The Nuts About DNA Afghan. It would be a crime not to add it.
Here she is all ready to add to the joining pile.
Isn’t she just lovely.


As you may have read, I’m using Scheepjes Stonewashed for this humungous afghan, in colours
801 Moon Stone
810 Garnet
808 Corundum Ruby
817 Citrine
825 Malachite
832 Enstatite
820 Rose Quartz
Which I purchased from, Wool Warehouse and Lusciously Loopy Yarn.


But for this square I only used –

801 Moon Stone
810 Garnet
808 Corundum ruby
817 Citrine
820 Rose quartz
832 Enstatite


I used the following colour order-

Round 1 – Citrine
Round 2 – Citrine
Round 3 – Rose Quartz
Round 4 – Garnet
Round 5 – Citrine
Round 6 – Rose Quartz
Round 7 – Rose Quartz
Round 8 – Moon Stone
Round 9 – Moon Stone
Round 10 – Moon Stone
Round 12 – Enstatite
Round 13 – Citrine
Round 14 – Rose Quartz
Round 16 – Rose Quartz
Round 17 – Moon Stone
Round 18 – Garnet


Modifications made for size and stitch count were,
Round 17 – Instead of Single Crochet’s (SC), I made a Double Crochet (DC)in the Third Loop, all the way across.
Round 18 – I made Back Loop Half Double Crochet  (HDC) across, missing the hidden stitch and made 2 Half Double crochet, chain 2, 2hdc in the corner spaces. (44hdc)


If you love Diana Krenz beautiful square as much as I do and want to see more, keep up to date with her new patterns or want to share you creations of her outstanding patterns, you can find Diana on the following sites.

Koernerklaus Crochet Design’s Facebook Group.
Diana Krenz – koernerklaus Group, 
Ravelry Group.
Diana Krenz on
Koernerklaus on



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Until next time, Too-da-loo.



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