Nuts About DNA Afghan – Square 105 – Hera

Hera is my 105th square, for my Mums “Nuts About DNA Afghan.”
Hera is another square design by, Diana Krenz aka koernerklaus.
It’s such a cute square and a very calming make.
It works up fast and the pattern is very well written.


I used the following colour order in my all time favourite yarn, Scheepjes Stonewashed

Round 1 – Rose Quartz
Round 2 – Citrine
Round 3 – Moon Stone
Round 4 – Moon Stone
Round 5 – Corundum Ruby
Round 6 – Corundum Ruby
Round 7 – Corundum Ruby
Round 8 – Corundum Ruby
Round 9 – Garnet
Round 10 – Enstatite
Round 11 – Rose Quartz
Round 12 – Moon Stone
Round 13 – Corundum Ruby
Round 14 – Corundum Ruby
Round 15 – Rose Quartz
Round 16 – Garnet

Modifications made for size and stitch count were –
Round 15 – hdc
As normal I added the extra final round to match all my other Nuts About DNA squares, to get the finally stitch count of 44 Half Double Crochets. I worked this as follows-
Round 16 – Hdc across increasing by 1, 2hdc, chain 2, 2hdc in corners (44hdc each side)


If you love Diana Krenzs, beautiful squares as much as I do and want to see more, keep up to date with her new patterns or want to share your creations of her outstanding patterns, you can find Diana on –
Facebook Group – Koernerklaus Crochet Design
Ravelry Group – Koernerklaus Crochet Design
Instagram – koernerklaus

Until next time,


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