Indiana Afghan II

Way back in June 2020 I made the last stitch to my Indiana Afghan, which would be a birthday gift from my Sister Kerry, to her friend Gemma. Gemma had seen the Indiana lapghan and fall in love with it. So Kerry, being the wonderful person she is, asked me if I would make Gemma one for a birthday gift. Of course I agreed, I love the pattern and had been itching to start another.

The Indiana Afghan pattern is by my favourite designer and friend Tinna from You may have read about her new pattern, Queen CAL, which I wrote about as Septembers crochet Crush. You can read all about it here.
Tinna is an incredible designer and such a beautiful soul. Every pattern she creates gets better and better and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. You can find all her patterns here.

Ever since I saw her Indiana Afghan I was hooked lined and sinker in love with it. Even more so when my dear friend Lily made hers. Isn’t it just a dream.
You can read all about it here.

The Indiana pattern is so versatile, you can change almost everything about it to suit your taste, size or love for design. It can be made to. Any size by repeating patterns or even mixing it up with another of Tinnas patterns Havana.

Kerry decided on yarn in two colours, paintbox Simply Aran.

Colour A – Champagne White – 202

Colour B – Soft Fudge – 209

I began with Starting chain of 148 using my clover soft touch 5.5 hook.

We decided to change the original pattern order to Pattern 1, 2, 4, 7, 3, 5 and 6 but keeping to the original pattern for all other parts.

The only modifications (due to my stitch count) I had to make was on pattern 3.
On row 2 of pattern 3 hafter the border stitch), I started with 9 doubles and then started the repeat pattern of 6dc, 3sc, 7dc. I repeated the pattern repeat, 8 times and double crocheted in the last 8 stitches, then made the border stitch in the last stitch. Hope that makes sense. For the rest of pattern 3 rows, I always started with the border stitch and 9 Sc/dc and finished with 8sc/dc and the border stitch.

Once the body of the Afghan was finished it was border time. I decided to make the simple border with a little twist while trying desperately not to take anything away from Tinna’s striking designs.

For the back border I made 4 rounds of double crochet in Colour A – Champagne White.

For the front border I made two rounds of double crochet in the Colour A – Champagne White.

Then made a round of half double crochet in Colour B – Soft Fudge.

I made one round of half double crochet and one more rounds of double crochet in the Colour A – Champagne White.

I finished with a final round of single crochet, making 3 single crochets in the corner stitch. This round joined the two borders together hiding all those pesky ends. It’s such a genius idea as weaving in ends is my pet hate. It’s so very dull and time consuming. 😫

I’m sure all us crocheters will be forever thankful to Tinna for introducing us to her double border, it really is genius.

Over all I think it turned out ok, what do you think?

With a wash, block and wrap, the Indiana lapghan was ready to gift.

Kerry gave it to Gemma for her birthday last week and I believe it went down rather well. Thank goodness I always worry when gifting a blanket but more so when I’ve been asked to make something that will be a gift.

Thankfully this one worked out for the best.
All we need is some crisp cold winter days/evenings so we can all enjoy our crochet creations.
Roll on Hot chocolate, open fires and snuggly blankets.

I used 10 skeins of the Champagne White and 5 of the soft fudge costing a total of £29.23. I forgot to take measurements sorry but it ended up as a great size lapghan. As you may know crochet time has been few and far between lately as my arm/shoulder heals (I’m starting to think that it’s not an injury but arthritis 😞) and life stops racing around me.
Hopefully I will finish one of my wips real soon and I can share it with you all. Today may be the day if I pull my finger out, work through the pain and don’t fall a sleep. 😴 I’m totally smitten with this sip and can not wait for it to be finished.

You can find Tinna’s on all her social media platforms, by clicking on the links below.
Tinna’s website can be found here.
You can find all Tinna’s delicious pattern here on Ravelry.  You can show off you makes on her Facebook Group, Tinna’s Crochet Club.
You can also follow her on Instagram, here.
You can find her on YouTube here.
Please pop back soon as I have a few things to share in the up and coming weeks.

Until then, stay safe, mask up, wash your hands, social distance but live life to the fullest while keeping yourself and others around you as safe as possible.



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