Lily’s Magnificent Masterpiece

You may remember a few months back, I shared my dear friend Lily’s Indiana Afghan, designed by Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir. It was my June crochet Crush. You can read all about it here.
It’s with great honour and excitement that I can now share her finished, jaw dropping, breathtaking, masterpiece with you.


Isn’t it just the cherry on the cake.
I’m totally blown away by her talent and her eye for colour.
Lily really doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to putting colours together, I’m truly in awe of her.
If her Indiana blows you away, as it does me, you should see her Havana.
Havana is by the same designer as Indiana, one of my favourite designers, Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir.
If you haven’t seen Tinna’s outstanding blankets, you’re missing out because they are just the triple WOW factor.
You can find all Tinna’s patterns on her website here or on Ravelry here.


Lily started the Indiana primarily because she wanted to carry a yarn cake for her trips aboard for work.
Her genius idea of using yarn cakes, alternating from the outside of the cake to the centre of the cake, just works amazingly.
These yarn cakes, are easy to work with and has a subtle colour change.  It’s a beauty that’s for sure and it’s often on offer so it won’t break the bank as many other yarn cakes will.
Don’t let the price fool you though, as it’s great quality and the colours are to die for.

Lily used, Hobbii Twister yarn Cakes, in the colours:
* Number 8, Powder Pastels.
* Number 9, Berry Sorbet.
And Twister Solid for the border.
* 108, Light Purple.
* 109, Light Rose.

She started with both ends of #9 (Sorbet Berry)
Continued with Cake #8 (Powder Pastel)
The flow from #8 to #9 was a gradual bluish transition.
At one point, She had some left of #9 of the 1st cake and started mixing with 2nd cake using #8 colourway.
To ensure a smooth flow, Lily started from the middle of the 3rd cake using #9 colourway. It was risky but also very adventurous as the colours unfold and it worked a treat.


The total amount of yarn cakes used were –
1 Light Purple Twister Solid (108)
1 Light Rose, Twister Solid (109)
3 109 Hobbii Twister
3 108 Hobbii Twister

At an overall cost of £147.00 (not sale prices)


Lily’s Indiana measures 117cm X 144cm.


She made a few very small modifications to the pattern.
In between patterns, she Single Crocheted (SC) 9 rows instead of 12 rows stated in the pattern. She also didn’t do the Single Crochet (SC) in back loop on these rows to create more texture so each pattern looks more prominent. It worked and looks fantastic.


Lilly worked the border pattern on front and back instead of doing a plain back.
Lily said
“I had to adjust the stitches at round 3 such that it is in (multiples of 12) + 5. My count was still incorrect after adjusting so I just added or reduced the stitiches so that the repetition fits.
This part was stressful for me but it was not as difficult as I thought. Phew!
My suggestion for you is to count and write down on paper as you do each round of the border. Work your math and read the pattern again and again until you understand.”


The blanket took just under 4 months to make, while she traveled and worked on other projects.
What a great achievement, you should be so proud of yourself lily, truly you should.


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Doesn’t it just make you want to order yarn and start you own, it hopes you can recreate her masterpiece in your own colours or in Lily’s colour gorgeousness.
If you want to see more of Lily’s beautiful masterpieces you can find her on Instagram and Ravelry, buy clicking the below links

Before I sign off, I really must say a huge “Thank you” to lily for not only sharing her Indiana with me and you but for her friendship and continued support and luv, it really does mean the world to me. And even though we live oceans apart and have never met, it’s a privilege to be friends with her.


Until next time, stay safe, stay happy, stay you.
Too -da-loo.


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