Round Up, Round Up _ September 2020

Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.    (Carol Bishop Hipps)

As I sit here gazing out my window at the changing leaves 🍁 my soul aches at how the world has changed throughout the year 2020. Who would have thought that we would spend most of the year locked down at home with our family’s. And now with a small sense of freedom we have to wear masks and avoid people as best with can. How a polite handshake is vastly becoming a thing of the past. How internet usage has gone from limited time to our new learning field. How we now encourage our children to FaceTime and spend hours upon hours in google classroom. Would you ever of believed that sending your child to school/college would become a fear instead of a safe way for your child to learn social skills and education.

The world is beyond crazy and sadly there is no end in sight only numerous rumours and speculations, mainly from the press. In truth we have no idea if we’re coming or going, if it’s safe to work, safe to travel, safe to hug a loved one. Fear consumes our daily lives. A fear we never thought would happen in our lifetimes. As that fear grows deeper, others are all to happy to conspiracy theory. They say that people are not dying, that the virus is not real, it’s a means to control us. I don’t often judge peoples views and theories but boy haven’t they got it wrong.

Do they really believe our government would jeopardise our economy and risk a influx of mental health.  I don’t think so, do you? Those of you that believe covid is a load of ball, surely you should be questioning your judgment/theory, if only for the sake of your family, your friends and your loved ones. Surely you should care enough to want to keep them safe even if it’s a wide world scam, which I believe it is not. They do not shut down the world for no reason at all. It was shut down because we need to help stop the spread and to save lives.

I’ve heard or read so many people say that they don’t know anyone that has had Covid-19 or anyone that has died from it. Up until last week I didn’t either but now I do and omg I do not want to catch it. I was totally shocked at how gravely ill she looks. It frightened me to tell the truth.  Yes she does have a underlying health condition, diabetes but we must understand that this evil virus is killing healthy people to. Covid shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not digging the face masks, the restrictions and the constant confusion the media fills our papers, tv and internet with.  How I long for life to return to normal but unfortunately it won’t, not for a very long time if ever. We need to learn patience and gratitude. Patience’s for a vaccine and gratitude all the NHS, the government, care workers, teachers and delivery people, are doing to keep us safe and life ticking over. I for one couldn’t be more thankful to them.

As for Boris, love him or hate him, he has the hardest job in the world right now. He’s bitched about by the press, by the other political parties and by the public but could you do his job. Could you do better? Remember that he is also a new father, he’s dealing with leaving the EU and has nearly died from Covid. Could you walk in his shoes and do a better job? Could you handle the constant bullying, the hate he receives on a daily basis? And keep a country running throughout a pandemic? I know I couldn’t!!! We should be thanking him not hating him.

Let’s move on shall we. September has been a whirlwind, it’s flown by. It’s been incredibly busy.

🚍Phillippe. We have been working away on our camper Phillippe and I’m happy to say the main living area is so close to finishing. I love it, so, so much. We just have to paint the newly finished handmade kitchen and give a fresh top coat of paint throughout and it will be done. We may make one more cupboard but we are not 100% sure yet. I think we will try a few days away first and see if it really needs it. Time will tell. The bathroom or should I say loo area has some work to do still, like boxing in pipe work, a top coat of pain, hanging wallpaper and building a small cupboard to store cleaning supplies and toiletries etc in. Once that’s complete Phillippe will be finished, whoop whoop. Well until spring when we will start work on the outside, the bunk area and the cab.

Crochet. It’s been slow, real slow going. Mainly because of pain which I now believe is arthritis and the fact the my body seems to connect crochet time with going to sleep. As soon as I pick up my hook, stitch a few stitches, I fall asleep. I know it’s my body telling me to slow down and listen to it but boy it’s frustrating. I hardly ever get across a whole row before my eyes close, hook in hand and I’m soundo. That being said I hope today is the day I finish one of my wips.

I’ve been working on a waffle stitch blanket for the camper, for months now. It has taken an age to get to the point I can finally see the end in sight and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m totally smitten with the blanket and can’t wait to make up the bed ready for our little adventure we have planned for a few weeks time. How nice will it be, to snuggle up, drift off to sleep, warmed by a handmade blanket. I seriously cannot wait.

You may have seen that I posted about a blanket I finished months ago, if not please feel free to check it out.

🏍Racing. If you haven’t seen already, I joined the Warpspeed Racing team for a long weekend and what a weekend it was. You can read all about it here.

🕍Vow Renewal. It’s been a crazy busy month for preparation for our vow renewal. Suits and shoes have been picked and ordered. We went to our local suit and men’s clothing shop, Cavendish

Nick the proprietor (owner) could not have been more helpful and he’s such a gentleman. Not only was the service fantastic, the suits are absolutely perfect and the highest quality. We are over the moon with them and can’t wait to see Mark, Con and Cal in theirs at their fitting next week.

Cavendish has to be the cutest shop I’ve been in, it’s delightful. The till is out of this world, a classic. 

The hidden treasure has to be the train track that runs around the store. You must check it out if you are local or even not so local. Be prepared to spend some dollar, as the shop is packed full of the most wonderful suits, shirts, shoes, jackets, ties etc etc, it really is an Aladins cave treasure trove. The perfect place to, dare I say it, Christmas shop for your nearest and dearest. Our Cal would have spent a lotto win within minutes if we were ever lucky enough to win. It really is that good.

I had my first dress fitting a few weeks ago. It has been so long since I saw my dress, I couldn’t quite remember what it looked like. Omg I still absolutely love it. It was so nice to step into it, and feel all the feels only THE DRESS can give you. I hope Mark loves it and thinks I’m as beautiful in it as it makes me feel.

For months I’ve been battling with our decision to go all out, wear a wedding dress, suit and boot up, have a best man and maids of honours, flowers, the works but all the fear of being judged, talked about, disappeared as soon as I saw my dress. It’s our day/evening, a day to make the most wonderful memories, a day to rejoice in the love we still have for each other 21 years later. A day were we can surround ourselves with our closest family and our best friend. A day  to celebrate LOVE. Love for each other, love for family, love for friends and love for life! People may judge us and not understand our reasons for retaking our vows but in truth all that matters is that four letter word, LOVE.

LOVE doesn’t come easy, it’s hard work but love is the most special thing in life and when you find it, keep hold, work hard and rejoice because love is all you need.

A few months ago I saw an advert for a family run florist, Triangle Nursery. I knew instantly that I had to have them make the flowers for our vow renewal. I sent them an email and last Friday part of my order arrived. I can’t give too much away as Mark wants them to be a surprise but I couldn’t be more pleased. They are exceptionally beautiful, so much so my eyes filled with happy tears.

The phrase ”Over The Moon” is an understatement. They are everything and more. I smile just thinking about them. Sarah, who I have been corresponding with, has been absolutely brilliant, she’s listened to my every wish and designed the most incredible wedding vow flowers, a girl could wish for. She has gone above and beyond. Every step to get to here and now, she has been professional, friendly, efficient and an absolute pleasure to work with. I can not praise her enough. I’m so excited to take delivery of the next  delivery, I’m seriously giddy with anticipation and joy at how beautiful I know they will be. I 100% recommended Triangle Nursery for all your flower needs. I definitely will be using them for everything flower related from now on. And I can’t wait to share some photos with you all. Not long now.

I’m sure there is more to tell you but I think I’ve rambled long enough already so I’ll leave you to it.

Stay safe guys.



2 thoughts on “Round Up, Round Up _ September 2020

  1. Wonderful writing sweatheart heart, I really think your future project should be to Write a book you are so good at writing darling and explaining everything very interesting love you to the moon and back well done


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