Warpspeed Racing – “Not The Euro Finals.”

On Thursday evening, the Warpspeed Racing team headed out to, “NOT The Euro Finals” at Santa Pod Raceway. The normal 3 bike team were down to two as Dale Leeks has taken the year off due to blooming Covid and lack of materials to finish his new race truck, which is looking pretty awesome already and we can’t wait to show you all next season.

On arrival they set up their new swanky pit gazebo and it’s looking pretty damn fine, don’t you agree?

Friday 11th September –  The team woke up to cloudy sky’s and a moderate head wind. The first run of the day, Stuart and Smithy aka Mark, were first out against each other. What a delight to see two “Warpspeed Racing” bike’s in all their spender on the start line together.

With a new rear smaller tyre Stuart detuned his bike to take some power out for his run resulting in a very respectable 7.267, at 188.94 miles prehour.
An all round good run to begin the three day weekend.

The pressure was on for Smithy after running a new personal best of 7.1 at the Green Light Event a few weeks ago.
He decided to keep the setting the same and gave it his all, with fingers tightly crossed.🤞
Unfortunately there was a bit too much power for the conditions which shook the tyre, sending him across the lane to say hi to Stuart.
Smithy did his best to bring it back and had a great 330ft of 3.0965 before taking out the timing (centre) blocks meaning he didn’t get a time.

The second run of the day, Stuart didn’t get out unfortunately but Smithy was on fire and ran a new personal best of 7.1306 at 184.33 miles per hour. Well done Smithy. Number one qualifier, whoop whoop.

For the third run, Stuart upped his setting and was ready to take the number one spot from Smithy. Unfortunately the run ended up a little hairy as the bike drifted left towards the wall resulting in torn leathers, a damaged foot peg and a check up in the ambulance.
Thankfully Stuart was fine, apart from a little bruising.

Next up was the Final of the “Green Light Nationals.” Smithy ran against Louis Davies, who broke on the line.
Smithy took the win even though his bike pulled right and crossed the central line.
He ran a 11.2747 at 66miles an hour and won the meet and his first trophy on his promod bike.
Huge congratulations.

Saturday 12th September – Saturday we woke to overcast sky’s and a moderate head wind. The boys decided to not head out for the first run of the day.
The second run, they were once again head to head against each other. They both had a great 330ft time on course to run definite 6 until Stuart’s bike drifted left towards Smithy, making Smithy brake and a tad nervous that Stuart was going to part ways with his bike.
Stuart took it all in his stride resulting in a run time for each of them in the 8’s.

The team believe that Stuart’s drifting was down to his new smaller tyre and decided to retire for the weekend.
Smithy however got out for the final run of the day.
It was a dead straight run but with shifting issues due to a bent shift shaft and forks. He ran in the 10’s but was still number one qualifier.

Sunday 13th September – Semi final.
Smithy was up against Lorcan Parnell. The sky’s were blue with a light breeze.
Once again, Smithy had the crew with their hearts in their mouths and tummies turning, as he headed right towards the wall straight from launch. He pulled it back and ran straight, running a 12.03 and making it through to the finals on a holeshot win.

Smithy was up against Louis Parnell. He span off the line and the bike wouldn’t shift. Smithy punched through the gears and just rode it from A to B, resulting in a mid 9 second run, losing to Louis and winning second place.

Overall the weekend was a great success for Smithy, winning one final and getting second place in another. He came home with two trophy’s, not bad eh. 🏆

The Warpspeed Racing team would like to say thank you to their sponsors, Warp Speed Racing, Draper Tools, Leeks Landscapes, TW Metals and Greens Plumbing.

If you fancy collaborating with us please feel free to fire across a message to stuart@warpspeedracing.co.uk. Stuart would love to have a chat.

Before I sign off, I would like to say a huge thank you to the Warpspeed Racing team for letting me tag along for the weekend and making me feel so welcome. It was great to see you all again.
Too-da-loo for now.


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