Round Up, Round Up – October 2018

The single most important thing in life is what it all means to you. Life doesn’t come prepackaged with this meaning either.. you create it. 
Doing so is rarely easy, but it’s always within your power and well worth the effort. 
Ultimately, the secret is to LOVE,
love the people who love you,
share advantages with those you love and spend as much time as possible with family.
Nothing is more important than your family,
the blood that links you, the memories you share.
And even though we all have lost opportunities,
chances you didn’t take, feelings you can never get back,
they are part of what it means to be alive,
to feel, to love.
Love is the saving grace when the world loses all light.
Be true to that love and you will never be alone.

I first shared this on Facebook three years ago after we lost an incredibly beautiful soul, who’s heart, laugh and love for life is missed greatly. 
October is always bitter-sweet, as the earths beauty changes around us, colours explode and the comfort of autumn fires and snuggly blankets warm our spirits, we can’t help but shed a tear for our beautiful cousin Amanda, who’s life was cut way to short. 
Even though I can now smile when I remember our little adventures and how just seeing her, turned a frown into a smile, how her laugh would spread joy and happiness but still my heart is heavy from missing her.
Family is so incredibly important, please make the most of every second with them as time is short and it flies by in a blink of an eye. 

October always reminds me of what we call “The Last Supper.” We were very lucky to get to spend an evening having a meal for our Mum’s birthday, all of us together for what was to be the very last time, of course we didn’t know it then. As my Mum, Dad, Nan, my two sisters Kerry and Hayley and my soon to be Husband sat around a pub table, eating delicious food and enjoying each other’s company, we had no idea it would be our last meal, evening and time together as a family.
We laughed, smiled, chatted, without a care in the world, enjoying our time before Dad caught his plane the next day, back to Saudi Arabia. Little did we know that catching that plane would be the beginning to the end for my wonderful loving Dads life. 
Had we have known, how different we would have done things, how we would have pleaded for him to stay, how our hugs and kisses goodbye would have lingered and how we would have breathed in his scent a little deeper . How we would have held onto him and never let him go.
I wholeheartedly believe that evening 22 years ago, was the last time any of us felt truly happy and content. Don’t get me wrong life has given us the most special moments since, we’ve made wonderful memories but deep within we know that there is always something missing, a gap that can’t be filled, that Dad should have been there making those memories with us, so yes I believe with all my heart the evening spent around that table was by far by happiest moment, but also a lifetime of regret.
So please spend your life wisely, make unforgettable memories with the ones you love, tell them how special they are and how much you love them, because those memories will be all you have left at one point in time. Please don’t give yourself reason to regret how and who you spent your time with, who you gave your energy to but most importantly who you gave you heart, love and soul.

October has been a funny old month, a month of struggling with the weather change, fighting a flurry bug, getting my head around a new diagnosis and what it means to my lifestyle and what I need to change. Also learning that not everyone in the world who has done something so incredibly brave and courageous, doesn’t always want it shouted from the rooftop. When all you want to do is let everyone know how very proud you are of the person who even though was scared went above and beyond. You want the world to know, how kind, brave and gentle this hero is and how wrong everyone got him.
This one situation proved to me that in the hardest situation of life or death, fear can be set aside and you can save a life, while others run in fear and no matter your age, you can be a hero.

🧐Family Research
Research as normal seems to be a case of re-researching my ancestors, trying to dig a little deeper so I can write my weekly posts. 
As always, their lives have touch me deeply, made tears well and made me feel humble and proud of who I came from.
Throughout our family’s history, there have been numerous tornados, that left devastation in its wake. Somehow they fought back, they survived and they passed on their strength and determination through their DNA.
And that’s why I’m proud of our humble roots and to be part of this pretty amazing family.
I’m honoured to be able to write their stories, to share their strengths, their weaknesses, their determination, their heart breaks and their survival with you.

It doesn’t feel like I have achieved much this month, especially as I have put one of my main project on the back burner, my Ubuntu.
Though I love it, I just haven’t got the time to continue at the moment so it’s been safety stored away until I can find the time.

I have however started 3 new projects, Twisted Granny, another Briar Rose and I joined in the fun of the Havana Cal.
What can I say about the Havana Cal, it’s got my heart pumping, I can not wait to work on her. She’s given me back a buzz I didn’t know was missing. 
Havana is a beautiful mosaic afghan designed by Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar. 
Pippin Crochet Club on Facebook are hosting it as a crochet along, over 8 weeks. One part of the pattern is released every Monday from October 1st to November 19th.
I was late to the party and only started mine on week 4, so I’ve been playing catch up, while loving every stitch.
Here’s a sneaky peek at my Havana so far. I’m not going to give much more away as I plan to write a post all about this striking design when it’s finished.


I also started a Briar Rose, a pattern from Vanessa at “Hooked on Sunshine”, which is in full swing. I’ve nearly finished it, with only one more repeat of the pattern to go. It’s on hold at the moment when I play catch up on Havana.


I have managed to get one project finished, “Twisted Granny.”
I started this lapghan when I saw a photo on Instagram and couldn’t resist making one. 
You can read all about Twisted Granny, here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

😍Crochet Crush.
As for my crochet crush, it has to be Havana but I’m also crushing badly over a beautiful shawl called, “V for Vintage” but Johanna Lindahl from mijocrochet.

Johanna designs and makes the most wonderful shawls and Afghans. I am in awe of her talent and eye for colour. To top it off she is a lovely lady and always willing to help.
I’m the first to admit, I’m not the greatest at making shawls. I’ve only ever made two but I think Johanna’s designs will change that when I find the time and I can restock my dwindling yarn stash.
If you haven’t checked out her masterpiece you can find all her dreamy patterns on here Ravelry page or you can find her on Facebook or Instagram and of course you can always follow her blog, on her website Mijo Crochet.
A huge thank you to Johanna for allowing my to share her  stunning photos.

I think that about sums up my month so until next time, enjoy these cosy autumn evenings, stay safe as the sky alights with fireworks and have a hooktastic November.


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