Strippy Neons.

You all know that crochet is my passion, my love and my sanity, lately tho it’s become increasingly hard to crochet due to arthritis and brain fog. I feel as if I’m walking through sinking sand constantly.
Concentration  has been near on impossible so I’ve had to put all my current wips aside for the time being.
Determined not to let it beat me, I started a simple project, one I could pick up while binge watching tv while snuggled under a blanket.

I’ve made many continuous granny square blankets before, but never a Corner to Corner (C2C) granny square, so I settle on trying one out.
It was a breeze and perfect for my current situation.
I didn’t use a pattern but followed along with “Blossom Crochet,” YouTube video.

After the first two rows, its was pretty plain sailing.

As for yarn and colour, I’ve been dying to use some of my stash yarn for a while, it just needed the perfect pattern and this was it.
I used, Paintbox Simply Aran, in colours, Pure Black 201, Marine Blue 233, Neon Pink 256, Neon Yellow 258, Neon Green 259 and Neon Orange 257.
Unfortunately most seem to have been discontinued, so I’m pretty glad I stocked up.


Paintbox Simply Aran, is great to work with, it affordable and washes up a treat.


It’s perfect for any blanket you wish to use daily, you know the ones that you’ll let your fur babies make bread on or let the kids fight over or make dens out of. That blanket you snuggle under daily and can be thrown in the washing machine and tumble dryer.


Using my trusty, 5.5 Clover Soft Touch hook, I made the first 4 rows in Pure Black, then made two rows of, Marine Blue 233, followed by Neon Pink 256, Neon Yellow 258, Neon Green 259 and Neon Orange 257.
Each colour was separated by four rows of Pure Black.

I made two repeats of Pure Black, Marine Blue, Pure Black, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Pure Black, Neon Orange, 2 Pure Black. I then started decreasing making  2 more rows of in black and another two repeats, starting with the Marine Blue.


Once the blanket was a solid square, using Pure Black, I made a two single crochets in the chain gaps all around the blanket, making 2 single crochet, chain 2, 2 single Crochets in the corner spaces.
I then made a round of double crochet, making 3 double crochet in the corners.
A third round was made as above but with Half Double Crochet and 3 Half doubles in the middle corner stitch.


I then made 6 rounds of, Third Loop Half Doubles, in the following colour order –
Marine Blue 233, Neon Pink 256, Neon Yellow 258, Neon Green 259, Neon Orange 257 and Pure Black 201.


I was planning on making a few more rounds of double crochets in pure black but once started, it just didn’t look right as I decided to fog the double crochet rounds. I absolutely love the border, it may even be my favourite part of the blanket. Isn’t it striking?


As for yarn amounts, I used ones of each of the brights and 6 Pure Black, costing a total of £24.74. (Brought at Love Crafts.)

The finished blanket measures 45” x 45”


I truly love it, do you?
If you love it as much as I do and want to give it a forever home, just give me a shout and you can soon be snuggled up, nice and cosy. Be quick though as my Sister has her eye on it. 👁

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So what’s next on my hook?
You’ll have to pop back and see.
One last thing before I forget.
My Crochet crush monthly post is a little late sorry, as I’m waiting on a reply from the designer with hopefully permission to share it with you. It’s a jaw dropper, that’s for sure and worth the wait.
Until next time, have a hooktastic day.


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