Crochet Crush, September 2021 – AMMA CAL


Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir from Tinna Crochets is the mistress/master of the art of crochet and craftsmanship. 
With each and every loop a stitch is made. With each stitch made, her creativity flows.
That creativity turns her stitches into a unique beautiful masterpiece.
While we busy ourselves with creating our own spin on Tinnas patterns, she has been busy creating a new masterpiece to share with us as this year’s crochet Along.
It’s possibly her best creation yet.
Not only has Tinna given her heart and soul to her design, she has gone above and beyond and turned her pattern into the most delightful book. She sure has been a busy be, a very talented bee. 🐝 

So what has she called her new design and what is the meaning behind it?

The pattern is called AMMA!!!

And It bears a special meaning. AMMA means grandmother in Icelandic and this design is a special tribute to Tinna’s grandmother, AMMA MÆJA, and her great grandmother, AMMA LÓLA, who taught her the textile arts and so much more!
Furthermore it’s a tribute to all the wonderful grandmothers worldwide that pass their knowledge on and teach their grandchildren with such love. I think we can all agree that grannies really rock! Tinna’s hope is that you will make your own AMMA project as a tribute to your grandmothers, with love in every stitch.

Those of you that have followed my blog for a while will know how  important family is to me, especially those who came before us. I have been researching my own family history for nearly two decades. Each and every ancestor holds a special place in my heart and with the knowledge I have about the souls who came before us, I understand more about my personality, my talents, my faults, my dreams and my failings. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them, they run in my veins and I’m honoured to have their DNA. This makes Tinnas new design even more special.

I’m sure you’ve already seen on social media that the AMMA CAL – TINNA’S 2021 CROCHET ALONG, launched on September 3rd and we start hooking October 1st! 
The AMMA CAL schedule is as follows,

PART 1 – Friday October 1st – the AMMA SAGA square

PART 2 – Friday October 8th – the AMMA LÓLA square

PART 3 – Friday October 15th – the AMMA MARÍA square

PART 4 – Friday October 22nd – the AMMA ÞÓRA square

PART 5 – Friday October 29th – the AMMA TINNA square

PART 6 – Friday November 5th – JOINING the squares

PART 7 – Friday November 12th – the BORDER

The CAL is hosted in Tinna’s Crochet Club, on Facebook and there will be Video tutorials available for each part on YouTube

The pattern comes in two versions, the traditional AMMA and the simple AMMA.
The traditional AMMA is a large square, where Tinna framed the roses up with an element of the interlacing chains from our classic viking knot, that ties it all together and continues onto the border. 
The simple AMMA version has smaller squares, using only the traditional roses, which then form additional patterns in the anti-spaces between them on the joins.
AMMA is a motif pattern that comes in several variations and can be used to make different projects, for example both blankets and cushions in various sizes. You can make table runners, scarfs, anything your heart desires.

There are three sizes of squares, made from following the same pattern.
The whole 23 rounds is the traditional AMMA square. 
The first 15 rounds becomes the simple AMMA square.
Crocheting only the first 7 rounds makes the tiny AMMA square.

The most beautiful yarn kits are available, in three different colour ways, trust me it’s going to be mega hard to choose which one, they are all beyond striking. I’m very much into monochrome but the coloured version is just WOW, I’m totally smitten with it. It really is beyond gorgeous I want it!!!
Each kit comes with a hard copy of the pattern and also a pdf version. 
The Kits and hard copy AMMA CAL pattern book are available on, but I’ll post the links below for you, as I’m sure you are itching to get your hands on a copy now!
You can purchase, 

The Happy Granny Kit, here.

The Modern Granny Kit, here.

And The Viking Granny Kit, here.

You also can by a hard copy of the AMMA pattern here.

Amma pdf pattern here.

A pdf version of AMMA is also available on Ravelry here.

The motif Tinna used for Amma, is very traditional in Icelandic textile culture. In Icelandic they call this ÁTTBLAÐARÓS, or the Eight Petals Rose. It’s traditionally mostly used in embroidery and knitting, but Tinna worked her magic and turned this classic geometrical design in mosaic crochet. She’s a genius that’s for sure. 👏 
There is loads more information about the AMMA Cal on Tinnas website, so please pop on over and have a look. 

She has truly outdone herself again with this outstanding design and the thought, time, love, hard work and hours that goes into each and every pattern she creates. 
Even though I have tested patterns for another designer I really did not understand the amount of work that goes into creating, writing, testing and publishing a pattern.
I take my hat off to her and every designer out there. They truly do not get the credit they deserve.

I can only imagine the nerves on release day. Will everyone love it? Will people make it? Will anyone buy the pattern? Have I ordered enough kits?
I’m sure these are a few of the questions flowing through Tinna’s mind on release day?
She need not worry because we all know she is the Queen of crochet. Her patterns are by far the best out there, they are full to the brim with all the information you need. They are extremely well written and clear. They are even pretty to look at. 
Definitely 100out of 100, won’t you agree?
They are so good even a crochet newbie could understand them.

I’m what you may call an experienced crocheter, I’ve been crocheting a good few years now but trust me when I say, I still have my moments where my brain freezes and I’m lost in a pattern. For the life of me I just can’t understand the words in front of me but with Tinna‘s patterns you haven’t got that, they are so easy to follow, all self-doubts flies out the window, please trust me on that. I’m 1,000,000,000,000% sure you’ll be just fine so why not jump over to, have a little read of all the information she shares about yarn etc and grab yourself a copy of the AMMA pattern or better still, treat yourself to one of these beautiful yarn kits, you deserve a treat now and again and what better way to do so.

Right, I won’t hold you up any longer but before I go, I’ve been keeping a secret that I can now share with you all.
I was Beyond honoured to be asked by Tinna to be one of her tester for the absolute masterpiece she calls THE AMMA CAL.
Please pop back in a few days time to see my version of AMMA, it’s a little different to what Tinna’s talented testers have made.
Hopefully see you back here then. Until then, have a hooktastic day.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay true.
Too-da-loo for now.


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