Beautiful Shell

Have you ever made a project that you absolutely love the out come but the journey was a challenge and a half?
I started making the Beautiful Shells Blanket by Lahoma Jayne Nally months and months ago.
I was excited to get started and enjoyed watching this beautiful pattern come alive. Everyone seemed to loved it and it was quickly claimed by my beautiful Auntie.
As my journey to completion moved forward, I began to find it harder and harder to work on.
Every time I picked it up, made a few stitches my eyes would fight me as they grow heavy and began to close. Within minutes I would be sat up, project in hand, sound asleep. 😴
It became impossible to work on.
I had to somehow stay awake long enough to finish her.
I’m a little pigheaded and stubbornness took hold, I was determined to finish her before Christmas. 🎄
So for the last week straight I’ve worked on nothing else, every spare waking hour, I worked on her, battling the need to close my eyes. 👀
And I’m over joyed to say

“She is finally finished.”

It’s been a real love, hate relationship all the way through.
I love the way she looks, her happy colours and the simplicity of the pattern.
The pattern is a pleasure to make, truthfully it is very enjoyable, simple and the outcome is beautiful. So please don’t let me put you off making it, as my struggle was down to my mindset and head space not the pattern.🤯


I chose to use Stylecraft Special Double Knit, from Wool Warehouse, in 13 colours, cream being the dominant colour.

Spring Green
Cloud blue


The shells were all made with the coloured yarn and the foundation rounds were all made in the cream, which meant changing colour every round and hundreds of ends to weave in. 😰 I’m sure you will agree it was worth the pain of weaving in all those dreaded ends, the finished lapghan is beautiful.



Cream Spring Green
Cream Aspen
Cream Sherbet
Cream Cloud Blue 
Cream Lavender 
Cream Wisteria 
Cream Fondant 
Cream Clematis 
Cream Shrimp
Cream Spice 
Cream Saffron 
Cream Citrine 

I repeated the above colour order 3 times and the lapghan ended up being 48.5 inches x 48.5 inches, unblocked.
I use 1 skein of each colour and 3 skeins of cream.

I truly love the finished lapghan and the back is even pretty.


Would I make another?
Ummmmm, only if I used a chunky yarn!


I have to admit I’m glad this journey is over and I can now start the new year with only one project on the go, my mum’s “Nuts About DNA Afghan.”


Until next time, Happy Hooking and Merry Christmas.


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