Love Entwined

The road leading to a goal,
does not separate you,
from the destination,
it is essentially a part of it.

I’m starting out upon a new venture, a road of the unknown, a road of possibilities, a road which with time, love and determination will hopefully allow us to carry out our dream, our goal.

Since way back in 1993, when we were wee, 15 and 16 year olds, we’ve traveled the roads of love, life, death, fear, excitement, sadness and happiness.
We gave life to two beautiful boys, who in turn gave us LIFE.
We’ve supporting each other through life’s stresses, it’s joys, it’s heartbreaks.
We’ve grieved together, when our loved ones have had to say their goodbyes.
And throughout life’s mysteries, it’s lessons, it’s hardships, we’ve stayed together, we’ve grown together, we’ve learnt together, all the while growing old together.

In a way crocheting a blanket is like creating life. Each stitch has its own path, its own destiny, entwined together with the love of the creator.
With that thought in mind, I made a decision I never thought I would make. I’ve decided that I’m going to give making and selling my creations a try.
I’m always being told I should take orders or sell what I have made.
In truth it’s never been about that, it’s been about giving a little control back to my life, the life that changed in front of our eyes, as my health started to fail.
It’s been a way of de-stressing from life’s troubles, but more so, a way of me having a purpose, proving to myself I still have something to give, that I am still capable of creating something beautiful.
Although it is so very different from being behind a camera lens, capturing light and shadows, pausing time to be cherished forever. My pleasure now is gifting a little handmade something, that I’ve put a little piece of my heart into.
It’s me wanting to give my loved ones, my family and friends, a little comfort and warmth on those chilly evenings or when sadness creeps into their soul. Wrapping themselves up in a blanket, hugging or crying into a cushion, that I’ve made for them, is in its own little way, a hug from my soul.
That’s what it’s all about and the most important thing to me.

So why would I even begin to think about selling them?
Well you see, next year will be my husband and my, 20th wedding anniversary and we really would love to be able to renew our vows.
We are hoping to go on a little holiday to Cyprus, where we plan to hopefully renew them.

Love is the reason,
the reason behind me trying to sell what I’ve made.

To stand on the beach, with the sun warming our skin, love warming our souls, renewing the vows we promised to each other nearly 20 years ago, entwined with a new promise written by our own hands.
Unfortunately renewing vows comes at a cost, a cost just outside of our reach, which brings me full cycle to why I would love to sell a few blankets or even cushions. To help us live out our dream of renewing our vows, with our boys and my mum at our side, love in our hearts. Making memories, which will warm our souls, FOREVER.


6 thoughts on “Love Entwined

  1. Your crochet work is so beautiful Georgina I hope your project will be very sucessful so that you can make your dream come true love Nan X X X


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