Round Up, Round Up – June 2018

It’s been a bittersweet month. The holiday blues took hold, the stresses of life came crashing back after a week of feeling free, freedom of the mind and freedom of the body.
I was totally and utterly shocked at how well I felt on our little holiday in Spain, while the sun warmed my blood and bones. A weight was lifted, I felt almost normal for the first time in over 5 years, it truly was bliss.

Within hours of returning, pain, numbness, swollen joints and fatigue creeped in, every day feeling much more groggy than the last.
I hate the way it grinds me down and takes over every inch of body and mind, isolating me from life, the life I once had and the future I had planned. It sucks.
If that’s not a calling to move somewhere warm, I really don’t know what is.
Thank goodness I have my two little hobbies/lifelines to keep my mind busy and of course this space, where I have a voice.

We lost our Grandma, Mollie Joan Newell nee Carr on the 14th June. 😢 She is a peace now and reunited with my Grandad, Donald George Newell and two of their children, Gillian Mary and my dad, Christopher John. Hopefully that will bring a little peace to Uncle Steve and Uncle Richard, as they come to terms with their heartbreaking loss.
She had a good life, loving children and an army of Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren, who will miss her desperately. She will live on through us and the memories we shared. Sleep peacefully Grandma, please give my Dad an extra huge hug and kiss from me.

On a much cheerier note, we have booked next years holiday. Mark, Connor, Calum, my Mum and I, are off to Cyprus, where we hope to retake our wedding vows. 👰🏻🤵 and for Mark to get out and about with his camera, to capture the beauty of the Island and the Milkyway and spend quality time with just our little family. It really can’t come soon enough.
We are pretty excited with a good few nerves thrown into the mix.
You see, our youngest Calum, sits his GCSE’S next year so I’m praying that the dates don’t clash. I have spoken to the school and the examination board, they gave us the go ahead to book but with exam dates not set in stone, I am concerned. Also the school haven’t been able to confirm prom dates, so fingers crossed, Cal won’t have to miss it.
Now to start saving and do some research into our renewal.

June Seems like it’s gone on for ever, it’s been a month where I feel I actually achieved something, still not as much as I would like, there are just not enough hours in the day.
Family research has taken a back seat this month. I sat and wrote a months worth of challenge posts over a week, adding information as certificates arrived. It felt good to get them done so I could try to free my mind from the ancestors and their life stories, who constantly take over my thoughts.
My ancestors have become part of my daily existence, I even dream of them and wake wondering if that’s how they really looked and communicated.
Their life struggles weigh heavy on my heart, they have become part of me, not just through dna, it’s something deeper than that, an unknown connection within my soul. Somehow they live on through me in an unexplainable way.
The ancestors who pulled on my heart-strings more than most this month would have to be Joseph Newell, I have no idea why as he had what we call a box standard life, but somehow he is never far from my mind. Maybe it’s because he died in the Workhouse.
Also his Son Alfred Newell has not been far from my mind, as my wonderful friend Val (my 3rd Cousin), discovered a link between my Newell paternal line to her husband Rob’s.
Research wise, there are a few Ancestors on my Nan Doreen Townsend nee Willats, line who love to play hide and seek, sending me around in circles, never getting anywhere. The Kirby and the Money, family’s especially. I’ve been trying to uncover their secrets, their stories, their lives, with very little luck, just like Susan Lagden life, that I share with you a few weeks ago.
Hopefully next month I will share a few of their stories, even though they are far from complete. 🤯

As for my little world of crochet, I’ve tried my hardest to get in as much crochet time as possible, but with everyday life and chores, growing exhausted and brain fog, it sometimes feels an impossible task.
I have managed to get a few things made, including breaking my own rule of not starting any new projects. That is well and truly out the window.

Last month I shared with you the start of a blanket called, Briar Rose, by Vanessa at Hooked on Sunshine.
I finished her in just under a week, not counting the days I didn’t pick her up. I’m really pleased how she turned out and I definitely would make another. You can read all about her here.


After she was completed I started a new project which I was thinking would make a nice sized baby blanket. When my auntie saw it, she fall in love with it, I’m now making it for her and we will decide on size as it grows.
I’m used the, Beautiful Shell Blanket, by Lahoma Nelly-Kaye.
I’m using Stylecraft Special Double Knit, in colours
Cream, Shrimp, Spice, Saffron, Citron, Spring Green, Aspen, Sherbert, Cloud Blue, Lavender, Wisteria, Clematis and Fondant. A beautiful colour-way on Ravelry,
by Wendiayu.
It’s a totally different colour combo than I’m use to using but it seems to be going down well with my hubby and boys.
It’s very cheerful and somehow lightens the soul.

The pattern is a dream, extremely pleasurable to make and grows rapidly at the start, there is even YouTube video for beginners or for those of you that haven’t learnt how to read a pattern yet.
Once you get the first four rounds done, it’s very easy and great for watching tv or re-watching your favourite box set.
There will be loads of ends to weave in as I’m changing colour every round. I also think it would also be extremely pretty in one colour, in cream, pale pink, baby blues or white, in any colour really.

I also started another, Briar Rose blanket, using Stylecraft Special DK, in colours, White, Cloud Blue, Sherbet and Duck Egg.
This Briar Rose, will be a gift for a baby boy.


And dare I say it, yep I started another Afghan. It’s a Polly Plum pattern called “Lotus Moon”.
I used Stylecraft Special Double Knit in the colours, White, Camel, Claret, Green, Bottle and Blank and Stylecraft Batik, in Cream.
After making one square, as a colour test, I decided I didn’t like it, the white just looked thin and I wasn’t happy with the overall look so I’ve thrown it in the bin.


I’m now using a single colour in, Stylecraft Special Chunky.
I’m planning on making, 12 Squares for a 3 Square by 4 squares Afghan, which I’ll join together with the, Flat surface slip stitch join.

I haven’t decided on an edging yet but I will probably use, Polly Plus’s “Lucy” or “June” Square border rounds.
This lapghan will be up for grabs for about £30-£35, when it’s finished so if you’re looking for that extra special birthday or Christmas present, keep me in your thoughts. 🎁

As for mum’s “Nuts about DNA Afghan”, I’ve made –

Kaylee, by Polly Plum.


Two Rebirth squares, by Magdalene Lee.

Lotus Moon by Polly Plum.

img_8239Two, Lise squares by Polly Plum.

And for my “Moonstone Afghan”, I’ve made –

Kaylee, by Polly Plum.


And my twelfth and final square, Rebirth, by Magdalene Lee.


With all squares made, I can now join them and start on a border. Hopefully she will be finished by my next, Round  Up post.

My crochet crush this month, has to be Jen Taylor’s Karoo Vintage Mal.


It’s a crochet along with a twist.
There are no set date to finish and it’s a total Mystery. Jen is making it up as she goes along, letting her wonderful imagination run wild and what a wonderful imagination she has.


One part of the pattern is released fortnightly, until it’s finished. I wonder what it will look like when its complete, I already know it’s going to be full of texture and without a doubt bewitching, it already is.
Three parts have been released so far and it’s absolutely gorgeous, just think what the finally outcome will be.
I love her patterns, as I’m sure you have worked out already as they have already featured in previous monthly crushes.

Jen has kindly let me share some photos with you, isn’t it just beautiful and in a league of its own.


I think I may just have to make this one for myself, when I can decide on colours and finish a few wips.

If you haven’t checked out Jens blog, it’s a must, she takes you on a little adventure in every post she writes. Jen is one very talented lady, which I’m sure you can tell my looking at her breathtaking patterns.

That about sums up my month but before I sign off, I best tell you about my plan for my 52 week challenge.
Each weekly post I write takes about a day and a half to two days to put together and if I’m honest with you, it’s hard going. Don’t get me wrong I love doing it and I’m grateful to the people who read every single post, they make all the hard work worth while and if it wasn’t for you all, I think I may have given up weeks ago, which I really don’t want to do. I would be letting myself down as well as you. From here on out I’m going to do my best to get my posts up every Friday as normal, but there may be the odd week that I may have to miss or post a few days late. I need to take the pressure off myself, pressure and stress isn’t good for Lupus and brings on flares. I promise I will do my upmost to post them weekly, definitely fortnightly, I hope you understand.
With that said, I’ll wish you a wonderful day, enjoy this beautiful weather.
Ta ta for now.

6 thoughts on “Round Up, Round Up – June 2018

  1. I love both your versions of the briar rose blanket. Especially the one for the little boy. Is there any way you could post your colour by round for this verion also.
    Thank you in advance

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