Frederick Earnest Carr – 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 22

Yesterday we said our final goodbyes to my Grandmother, Mollie Joan Newell nee Carr. Tears were shed, a life time of memories were remembered, our family brought together, in respect for a wonderful Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
Although seeing my families hearts break at our loss, it was lovely to see them all and to spend a little time together, celebrating the life of the lady who gave us all life.

It’s strange to think that I now only have one living Grandparent. To tell the truth I’m struggling with that fact. It really does sadden my soul to think that they have nearly all gone, as well as their lives memories, stories and the love a Grandparent has for their own Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren.
With a heavy heart I will admit that I didn’t have the closest relationship with my Dads parents, maybe it was down to my Dad working in Saudi Arabia or that after his death, we reminded them of our dad, which must have been incredibly painful for them, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love and respect them, because with all my heart I do.
I’m now left with an overwhelming sense of regret and guilt, that we didn’t have the bond I wish we could have had and that I know so very little about their live’s, their battles and their joys.
If only we could turn back the hands of time, how differently I would do things.

Family is the most important thing in life, make time for them, call, email or text them, let them know they are in your thoughts and that you love them, because before you know it they could be gone, leaving you with a mountain of regret and an overwhelming ache in your heart.

After a lot of thought and self debate as to should I, shouldn’t I, I decided that this week I would write about the man who gave my Grandma life.
I feel it is my way of showing the love and respect I have for my grandparents.
I always hope it may give Uncle Richard and Uncle Steve, a little comfort and let them know they are in my thoughts as well as my heart and that I love them both dearly.

My Great-Grandfather, Frederick Earnest Carr was born on the, 10th October 1891, at 91 Milton Road, Fitzhugh, Millbrook, Southampton, Hampshire, England, to Harry Carr and Kate Carr nee Withers.

Harry Carr was working as a Gardener Domestic.
Kate registered Fredericks birth on the 17th November 1891.

Birth Certificate


Their family of three, soon became four, when Kate gave birth to their second Son, Cecil George Carr.
He was born between the months of January and March 1896, in the Southampton District.


Sadly, Cecil didn’t make it to his first birthday. He passed away between the months of July and September 1896, in the Southampton district, when Frederick Earnest, was only 4 years old.😢
I wonder if Frederick, remembered his brother Cecil?
If the heartbreak stayed with him?
If his first memories were of the heartbreak his parents were going through?


Somehow through the pain of loosing a child, life continued and Kate gave birth to a daughter, Beatrice Eugenie Carr.
She was born on the 5th March 1899, at Bedford Place, Southampton, Hampshire, England.


On June the 6th 1900, Kate gave life to a second daughter, Ethel Berta Carr, at Home Farm, Marchwood Park, Southampton, Hampshire, England.


The 1901 census was taken on the 31st March 1901, which finds, Frederick, his Father Harry, his Mother Kate, and Sisters, Beatrice and Ethel, residing at Home Farm, Marchwood Park, Southampton, Hampshire.

Harry was still working as a Gardener Domestic.
Their neighbors were, Catherine Robson and also Joseph West, his wife Sophia and their two sons, Reginald and Leonard.

Name Age
Harry Carr 35
Kate Carr 35
Frederick Carr 9
Beatrice E Carr 2
Ethel B Carr 9/12

Fred E carr 1901

On April the 24th 1904, Kate gave birth to a daughter, May Carr, at Cupernham, Romsey, Hampshire.


Just two short years later, the Carr family, welcomed a baby boy into their clan.
Bernard George Carr, was born on the 4th September 1906, in Romsey, Hampshire.


And then another baby boy joined them in 1908.
Stanley Henry Carr was born on the 5th May 1908, at Nursling, Southampton, Hampshire.


On the 2nd April 1911, the census was taken.
Harry, Kate, Frederick, May, Stanley, Beatrice, Bernard and Ethel, were residing at, Weston Cottage, Nursling, Southampton, Hampshire, a 5 room dwelling.
Harry and Kate had been married 20 years, they have had 7 children, 6 living and 1 that has died. (This is how I discovered Cecil)
Harry was working as a Groom Gardener Domestic.
Frederick was a Third Dairyman on a farm.

Name Age
Harry Carr 41
Kate Carr 41
Frederick E Carr 19
Beatrice Carr 12
Ethel Carr 10
May Carr 7
Bernard Carr 5
Stanley Carr 3

Fred E Carr 1911

On the 12th of August 1912, Frederick Earnest, registered in the Royal Navy.
Frederick was 5ft 4.
He had a 36 inch chest.
He had hazel eyes.
His complexion was Fresh.
He had a scar on the top of his fingers on his right hand.

I have three Royal Navy registers of Seamen’s Service for Frederick earnest Carr.
Dated –
12 August 1912.


6th September 1915.


And the 1st April 1930.


(I have printed these out of you Uncle Steve, so you can have a closer look and hopefully work out the handwriting.)

Frederick married Ellen Brewer nee Whitlock/Whitelock, daughter of Frank Whitelock and Harriet Whitelock nee Read, on the 28th March 1921, at St James Church, Milton, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Frederick was a Bachelor and Ellen was a Widow.
Frederick was working as a, Stoker Private Officer for the Royal Navy.
Both Frederick and Ellen, were residing at, 195 St Augustine Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.17.47
Fredericks Father Harry Carr, was working as a Gardener and Kate’s Father, Frank as a Maltster.
Their witnesses were, Doris Elliott and Harry Carr.

Marriage Certificate

Frederick became Step-Father to Hilda Gertrude Brewer, Ellen’s Daughter from her first marriage to Edwin Frank Brewer. He was known as Frank and was killed in action on the HMS Hawke in the North Sea, when a single torpedo from a German submarine stuck HMS Hawke. 524 officers and men died including their Captain, Huge P.E.T Williams. Only 70 men survived.
Frank wasn’t one of the lucky ones. His body was never recovered.😢


I’m quite surprised Ellen, married another Naval Officer, after loosing her first husband in such tragic way.

Ellen gave birth to her second Daughter, Mollie Joan Carr on the, 5th March 1922 at 195 St Augustine Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.
Frederick was working as a Stoke Petty Officer, on the HMS Victory II.
Frederick Earnest Carr, registered her birth on the 28th March 1922.



I do have a copy of her birth certificate, unfortunately I can not share it here due to the 100 year privacy law. But you can order copies with proof of relationship at the GRO.


Fredericks Mother Kate Carr nee Whitlock, passed away on the 6th August 1937, at Weston Corner Cottages, Nursling, Hampshire, England.
Kate died from, Cerebral Haemorrhage of Senile Arteriolar Sclerosis.
Her son Stanley Henry Carr, registered her death on the 7th August 1937.



War was in the air, the future unclear.
In December 1938 it was announced in the House of Commons that in the event of war, a National Register would be taken that listed the personal details of every civilian in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This Register was to be a critical tool in coordinating the war effort at home. It would be used to issue identity cards, organise rationing and more.
On September 1st, 1939 Germany invaded Poland, putting the wheels in motion for Britain to declare war on the 3rd.
On September 5th, the National Registration Act received royal assent and Registrar General Sir Sylvanus Vivian announced that National Registration Day would be September 29th.
The 1939 register shows, Frederick and Ellen, residing at, 73 Upton Crescent, Nursling, Southampton, Hampshire, England.


Frederick was working as a, School Caretaker and Ellen as an unpaid Domestic duties.

My Grandma Mollie was not with them for some reason. I can’t find her in the Registers as off yet, due to the 100 year law.
I think she could have been at the Crown Public House, where she was working.

The next document I have is for the death of Frederick’s Father, Harry Carr.
Harry Carr died on the 26th of April 1947, from Heart Failure, Paroxysmal Tachycardia, a type of Arrhythmia or irregular heart beat and Cardiac Dilation, a disease of the heart muscle where it becomes stretched and thin.
Harry died at Church Cottages, Nursling, Hampshire, England.
His son Bernard George Carr, Registered his death on the 29th April 1947.



On the 9th July 1960, Frederick’s wife Ellen died from, Coronary Thrombosis, a blockage of the flow of blood to the heart, caused by a blood clot in a coronary artery.
She died at The Royal South Hants Hospital, Southampton, Hampshire, England.
Frederick registered her death on the, 11th July 1960.

Ellen Carr nee Whitlock Death Certificate.jpg


Frederick was residing at 15 Bryanston Road, Southampton, Hampshire.


His occupation was, Royal Navy, Chief Petty Officer, Retired.


Frederick Earnest Carr died 5 years later.
He died on the 28th December 1965, at 14, Hillside Avenue, Romsey, Hampshire, England.
He was 74 years old.

Fredericks died from, Coronary thrombosis, a blockage of the flow of blood to the heart, caused by a blood clot in a coronary artery, Atherosclerosis, a build-up of fatty material inside your arteries and Chronic bronchitis, inflamed bronchial tubes produce a lot of mucus. This leads to coughing and difficulty breathing and Emphysema, progressive disease of the lungs.
Dorothy P W Carr nee Austin, Frederick’s Sister in-law, was present at his death. She registered it on the 13th December 1965.

Death Certificate

2FF8C834-FA64-463D-A835-3326C5A301A2I very much wish I knew more about my Great-Grandfather Frederick Earnest Carr, his character, his temperament, his nature.
Why didn’t I ask questions when I could?
I do know that, he risked life and limb, serving his country, that he looked incredibly smart in his uniform and I’m extremely proud to call him my Great-Grandfather.
Maybe his DNA, passed onto me, was the reason I desperately wanted to join the Navy in my teens. How proud he would have been if I had followed that dream.

Someone really needs to hurry up and invent a time machine so I can go back and visit all my ancestors especially the ones I call my War heroes.


Frederick Earnest Carr
May you Rest In Peace.
1891 – 1965


I have brought and paid for all certificates throughout
Please do not download or use them without my permission.
Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Frederick Earnest Carr – 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 22

  1. Your Dad would be proud of the research you have done to find out so much about his family Georgina,,I was sorry to hear of Molies death but at 96she has earned her rast may she sleep in peace love Nan

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    • I really hope so Nan, I wish he was here but glad he hasn’t had to face the heartbreak of loosing his mum. Grandma definitely deserves the rest and is with her babies again x


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