Crochet Crush – January 2021 – Thassos.

While scrolling through Pinterest a stricking blanket caught my eye and I instantly knew it had to be this months crochet crush. With an email sent and a kind reply (Thank you Sylwia), I am excited and happy to share “The Thassos Mosaic Blanket” with you.

Isn’t it an eye catcher!!!

The Thassos Mosaic Blanket, is designed by Sylwia from, My Crochetory.
Sylwia learnt to crochet back in 2016 by making a granny square blanket, which sparked her passion for crochet. She knew from the off set that she wanted to design her own patterns one day and boy hasn’t she succeeded, you only have to look at her website to see how far she has come and how excellent her mind and talent is.

Pop on over to see all the beautiful patterns she has created, from hats, to shawls, to cushions, blankets and clothing. What more could you ask for.
She has numerous free patterns with the option of buying pdf copies.
I alway try to buy a pdf version if available because it supports the designer meaning they can continue to work their magic. Most paid patterns are less than a cup of coffee. ☕️ 

The Thassos Mosaic Blanket, is a free pattern but also available to buy on Ravelry, for only €2.50 about £2.30

The blanket is made with the two row mosaic technique, working back and forth in rows meaning there are no pesky ends to weave in, as you carry the yarn up the sides as you go.
The pattern uses US crochet terminology and is multiple of 22 plus 2 stitches. So all you have to do to increase the width of the blanket, increase the number of chains and to decrease the width of the blanket, you decrease the number of chains.

Sylwia used, Gazzal Baby Cotton XL 50g = 105m, 50% cotton, 50% acrylic yarn in White (3432) and Black (3433) for her blanket.
She used 10 white skeins and 8 black skeins with a 4mm hook.
Of course you can use any yarn you wish and a suitable hook size for your yarn.

The Thassos Mosaic Blanket pattern, comes as a written pattern with charts so it is the perfect fit for everyone, beginners included. It also includes loads of great photos to help you along the way.

The only stitches you need to know are, single crochet (sc) and Double crochet (dc) also slip stitches and know how to chain. It really is that simple, but so very striking.

So what are you waiting for, pop over to Ravelry and buy yourself a copy or find the free pattern here on “My Crochetory” along with so many other delightful patterns.
Before I lose your attention to hook and yarn please let me tell you where else you can find Sylwia.

You can subscribe to her Newsletter and be the first to know about new patterns and design, tutorials and more!
You can join Sylwias Facebook Group and Official Ravelry Group where you can find necessary support, you can ask questions or share your finished projects.
You can also follow her on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

Have a hooktastic day.
Stay safe, stay true not blue.
Too-da-loo for now.


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