Round Up, Round Up, December 2020

Welcome 2021 and Happy New Year to you all.
The start of a new year holds so many possibilities. Will it be the year that all our dreams come true, the year we take control of the global pandemic and take our freedom back.
Will it be the year, you fall in love? Or pack up your life and travel the world or  even be the year you feel comfortable and complete in the life you are already living.
Life is hard and right now it seems harder than ever. The world seems to be crazier than ever.
Right here in my own little space in the universe, I feel quite content and happy, something I never thought I would say when the world is in such a terrible place.
And even though it totally sucks to be in lockdown for the third time and hurts my heart that we can’t see our wonderful family, we somehow have to make the best of a crappie situation.
I’ve chosen to look at the positives instead of the fear and make the most of having my boys and hubby at home with me.
That doesn’t mean I’m not scared,  in truth Covid scared the heebie-jeebies out of me. I’m frightened for my family especially those who have been given a naff hand of ill health. I’m scared that I could loose them, as I’m sure everyone who loves is in the same state of fear and paranoia. If my boys cough, fear consumes my every thought. I can’t let that fear rule me, I can’t let paranoia win and that’s why, we stay at home and make the most of the time we have together as a family. 
Any time together is a blessing because we know how cruel and short life can be. It can all change in a heartbeat.
Even though I miss my nearest and dearest greatly and want to give them the biggest hug possible, the risk of giving them the possible death sentence we all know as Covid, is too much to bare, I couldn’t live with myself if I unknowingly gave them the awful virus. 🦠 Staying away is so much so, the better option, as missing them now while being able to chat on the phone is by far better than missing them because they are no longer with us. The world needs to remember that, when complaining about lockdown.
Yes it’s extremely hard especially when you are running low on money, the bills can’t get paid, the children’s education is being disruptive and your going a little bat crazy from staring at the same four walls. Those walls are what stands between life or death. Morbid I know but it’s unfortunately the truth.

Anyway on to brighter things.

December was a strange, strange month but also an absolutely incredible one. Mark and I got to spend an hour with our nearest and dearest on Christmas Eve while we renewed our wedding vows.
It was the most beautiful and magical hour. Our hearts were full of love and although we couldn’t have all our family and friends around us, it was pretty perfect. I would even go as far as saying, it was even more delightful than our actual wedding. 
I’m not going to say too much more as I hope to write all about it real soon.

Crochet what’s that, I didn’t pick my hook up throughout the whole of December.
I still love the craft, it’s still my therapy but for some reason it just hasn’t happened, but I’m sure it will when the time is right.

Work on our camper Phillippe has also come to a full stop. There really isn’t much left to do on him but that will happen when the time is right, most likely when the weather improves. We were meant to be going away for a honeymoon in him. We never had a honeymoon when we got married 21 years ago. Con was a babe in arms and I just couldn’t leave him. Sadly Covid put stop to the trip we had planned so we made the most of what we had and spent a few nights in him, parked up in front of our house. 🏡  it was lovely. Truth be told it doesn’t matter where you’re parked, it matters who you are with. 

Christmas Day.
I have to say although Christmas was very different this year, it was really lovely. We ate our Christmas dinner in a pub, social distanced of course and had the most wonderful afternoon at my Sister Kerry and Brother In-law Smithy’s house. It was stress free with no dreaded Christmas dinner washing up. It couldn’t have been more perfect.
Of course we ate to much as we all do but that’s one of the joys of Christmas isn’t it.
We were very spoiled and received some pretty cool pressies including puzzles made from two of Marks photographers, a couple’s adventure book, handmade lip balm and lots more wonderful gifts. Hopefully the pressie we gave were loved as much as ours are.

With 2020 behind us and a new year ahead, I wonder what it will bring?
I have a few hopes, goals and dreams, which I may go into at a later date (if they are written down for the world to see maybe that will give me the courage and determination I need to fulfil them.) but the most important would be that everyone I love or care for makes it out, healthier and happier. 
So until next time, stay safe, stay true, not blue.

Too-da-loo for now.


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