Round Up, January 2021

Winter is the time for comfort,
for good food and warmth,
for the touch of a friendly hand
and for a talk beside the fire,
it is the time for home.

Edith Sitwell quote, has never been more true, with people spending more time at home than ever before.
As the walls close in around us and the January blues consume, the longing for spring lays heavy on our hearts.
January was beyond long and rather depressing, February is following suit. But hope of happier spring filled days are well on their way and tease with snowdrops and daffodils emerging from the earth, giving us hope, most of us desperately need.

Winter has always been my favourite season. I love cosy evenings by the fire, snuggling under blankets. Spider webs covered in glistening frost. Somehow the world seems calmer when it’s covered in a silvery twinkle. Jack Frost sure knows how to make everything beautiful.
And with the aroma of stew and dumplings filling the home, soon to be warming our bellies, there is just something so comforting about the season.
And when night falls, some of the most brilliant sites ever seen throughout the year cause the world to come to life. The stars seem to have rekindled their fires and the moon achieves a fuller triumph. These sights, smells and comforts are what make winter magical.
However this winter seems to be lasting a lifetime and I’m so ready for it to be over, to feel the warmth of the sun. Just to be able to sit in the garden and breath in the air, would be the greatest gift right now.
Maybe just maybe, it’s not really winter that is getting us all down in the dumps but the loss of hugs, the loss of family and the delights they bring to our life’s.
Phone calls just don’t cut it, we need real connection and hugs. How I miss their hugs.
I now fully understand the importance of touch and if there is the one good thing about this goddamn pandemic, it’s taught many that very lesson. 
A hug can make everything better. A hug can warm your soul, it can heal your tears, it’s can put the world to rights, as can a smile. After all a smile comes from soul, through the heart and the heart smiles through our eyes. The same can be said for laughter.
As we can not give the gift of touch, why not promise yourself to smile as much as possible and laugh until your belly hurts because those simple actions can change the gloomiest days and turn someone’s life around.
Both are contagious, a wonderful, wonderful kind of contagious. The kind of contagious the world need right now.🤪😁

Even though January has been hard going, I’ve had the pleasure of have my hubby and boys home with me, which is the Ultimate blessing and even though it has meant, no money coming in and the struggles that has brought to our door, it’s been wonderful to have my little family at home.

We have been busy bees.🐝 
Just before lockdown we started the mammoth task of decorating our front room.
As you may have read last month, our little trip away for our kind of honeymoon, couldn’t happen as we went into lockdown. We had been saving up all year for it so we decided to put our savings to good use and replace our flooring in the front room. Boy didn’t it need it. New flooring means a fresh coat of paint and other bits and pieces that we have wanted and needed to do for a while now. We bite the bullet and decided it was the perfect time to try to make my vision for this room come to life on the tightest of budgets.
With only the gloss work to finish, which we keep putting off due to one clumsy not so puppy, I’m pretty chuffed with how the room is looking.
Our house is finally starting to feel like a home, which is brilliant timing considering the amount of time we are all spending at home these days.
I’m pretty excited to show you when it’s finished.


As for my little hobby, crochet, it’s still a massive struggle. Sadly my body is trying to tell me to rest more, because as soon as I pick up my project, hook and yarn, my eyes close and I drift off into a restless sleep.
No matter how hard I try to fight it, to at least get one line stitched, I can not beat it. The same goes for trying to read a book or watch a movie. Literally within minutes I’m dozing off. I even fall asleep mid conversation. 😴
I wouldn’t really mind if it was a deep sleep but most of the time I’m aware of all that is going on around me.
Hopefully one day soon I will manage to finish my Havana blanket and be able to finish the other two wips I have waiting for me.

I have made myself a promise to finish them before I start anything new, hopefully that will before 2022. 😂

It’s not just crochet that has been a struggle, writing is also.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve sat down to write this post and haven’t been able to put pen to paper. The same goes for the post I hope to write about our vow renewal.
That one is a little more tricky as I’m in a battle with my self over, if I should really be writing it.
Of course I want to share everything with you all, it was so special but there is an ache within my soul to keep those memories for those who were with us on our wonderful evening. And then there’s that nagging voice of self dealt playing over in my mind, that no one really cares or even interested.
I guess having no human contact outside these four walls, has lowered my already incredibly low lack of convenience and self worth.
In truth I can’t get my head around why I have so many visitors to my little space on the internet. My website hits rise daily and I’m blown away by the number of views intwined is getting. I’m humbled by each and every view and I can not thank you more for taking time out of your day to read my ramblings.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, truly thank you. ❤️

I never imagined that I could ever write anything worth reading especially with being severely dyslexic and it truly warms my soul to know that you actually read my posts.
Although this space has never been about the number of views, I am truly honoured to have you with me and I promise to give you my all and continue to try to write something worth your time.
If there is anything you wish to see fill these pages than please feel free to let me know and I will do my best to bring you the content you deserve.

When exhaustion and pain does not consume my every waking hour, I hope to start researching again and hopefully share the lives of our ancestors once more. They were the reason Intwined was created after all.
Hopefully when we are allowed to travel further than the doorstep or doctors, I hope to share our travels in Phillippe and lots of my hubby’s exceptional photography talent
He has re-lite his love for fishing, so I am hopeful that he may combined that hobby with the passion he has for photography and may start to take more photographs. He is far to talented to let photography slip away. Fingers crossed he will start to believe in himself and share more beautiful photos with you.
I am totally smitten with this photo he took on his phone. Isn’t is just stunning!!!


Right I best leave you to your day, I’ve taken up to much of your time already.
Stay safe guys and look after yourselves.
Don’t forget those smiles and belly laughs.

Too-da-loo for now.


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