Little Prince Charming

Where there’s a Prince, there is always a Knight, a Knight in shining armour.
I am very lucky to have a friend who has been my knight in shining amor, while researching your material Grandfathers family history.
Those of you that have been following my 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, challenge, will probably remember my friend Bruce has been an incredible help. He’s hunted out family graves, he even has gone out his way to find them in the cemetery, tidied them and marked them.
He has done this all out the goodness of his heart. No amount of thank yous, can ever express how very grateful and thankful, my family and I, are to him. He truly has a heart of gold.
I wanted to try and say thank you to him, so I decided to make him a little something.

Vanessa from Hooked on Sunshine, brought a pattern out earlier in the year, and I’ve been dying to try it out. It’s called “Little Prince Charming” and perfect for our knight in shining armour, my friend Bruce.
I had no idea what colours to use, my sister and I, had many a conversation about the perfect colours but I wanted to get it right, so I popped the good old question “What’s your favourite colour?”, into an email, which I’m sure brought a little suspicion. Of course Bruce, kindly answered me, with out asked questioning it. I’m sure he had a inkling as to why I was asking such a random question but being the lovely person he is, he didn’t question my random question.
Now knowing Blue is his favourite, I gathered what blue yarn I had in my yarn stash and set to work, planning colour placement.

The yarn I chose was a chunky yarn, perfect for those chilly nights ahead as winter takes it hold.
I chose to use two different chunky yarns, Paintbox Simply Chunky, from Love Crochet and Stylecraft Special Chunky, from Wool Warehouse, mainly due to not having white in Paintbox Simply Chunky.

I followed the colour placement of the pattern, putting my own colour choice in place of Vanessa’s.

Round colour Yarn Colour Colour Number
A Stylecraft Special Chunky White 1001
B Paintbox Simply Chunky Washed Teal 332
C Paintbox Simply Chunky Sky Blue 338
D Paintbox Simply Chunky Marine Blue 333
E Paintbox Simply Chunky Stormy Grey 304
F Paintbox Simply Chunky Kingfisher Blue 334
Border Rounds 1, 2, 3 Paintbox Simply Chunky Kingfisher Blue 334


I was extra good and weaved my yarn ends in as I went, something I always start to do but normally give up a little way in as I can’t wait to start the next row/round, which I always regret because when a blanket is finished I have hundreds of tails to weave in and it’s my least favourite part of crochet. It normally takes a good day/long afternoon to weave them in, so I was pretty please I was weaving as I went until, I picked up the blanket to work on it and noticed a mistake, a few rows back. I than couldn’t find the woven end so had to work a little magic.

Back on track, I continued the pattern, making three pattern repeats and starting the border on the 3rd repeats.



Stylecraft Special Chunky White 2 Skein
Paintbox Simply Chunky Washed Teal 3 Skein
Paintbox Simply Chunky Sky Blue 2 Skein
Paintbox Simply Chunky Marine Blue 2 Skein
Paintbox Simply Chunky Stormy Grey 1 Skein
Paintbox Simply Chunky Kingfisher Blue  3 Skein

The pattern was a delight to make, as are all Vanessa’s patterns. They are exceptionally well written and easy to follow.

I really did enjoy every stitch and I’ll definitely use the “Little Prince Charming” pattern again.
I hope Bruce loves it. I know I can never pay back the kindness he has shown my family, hopefully his blanket is a good start.
Until next time,
Happy hooking.



4 thoughts on “Little Prince Charming

  1. Hi Georgina, I am absolutely over the moon with it, the colours are perfect and the intricate pattern is just stunning and must have taken you hours, thank you so much 🙂 x


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