Crochet Crush, April 2020 – Penguins Party Mosaic Afghan.

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared my crochet monthly crush with you all, life has been kinda hectic lately, but what better why to get back into it than sharing, the most adorable blanket, I ever did see.
Not only is it beyond cute, it fuels my love for Penguins. 🐧  In my eyes it’s the perfect blanket.
It’s called,

“Penguin Party Mosaic Afghan” by Abi McIntyre.

Isn’t it just the cutest, those tiny penguins just make me smile. 😁

Abi, has really has hit the crochet world by storm, her patterns are up there with the best of the best.
Her pattern writing skills, can not be faulted, in fact I praise them with the highest quality. They are probably one of the most easiest and clearest patterns on the market. I’ve made a few of her blankets now and can reassure you, you won’t be disappointed. They are worth every penny, and more if I’m honest.
Not only are her patterns outstanding, they just keep getting better and better. Abi’s talent is growing to a League of its own.
I especially love her, Sholach Mosaic Christmas Trees, which I am making at the moment, along side a very special blanket for my Uncle. Her newest blanket, is pretty amazing also, but I will tell you all about that soon.

For the moment let me show you a few of her designs so far. I can wait to see what she comes up with next.

And of course the charming “Penguin Party Mosaic Afghan

The “Penguin Party Mosaic Afghan” is worked in overlay mosaic row by row technique, one of the easiest crochet techniques and perfect for a beginner.
Once you can you head around the technique and get a few rows in, stitches will be flying off your hook.
You can either work from a chart or follow the pattern. Abi even includes tick boxes so you can’t lose your place along the way, or forget which row you finished on, the last time you crocheted. If your life is manic at times and you don’t get a daily dose of hook and yarn time, you will know exactly where to start when you finally hide some hook and yarn time.

The pattern is available in both US terms and UK terms and what’s even better is it’s versatile. The possibilities of what you can make are endless, as well as having lots of different border choices, which is what’s so great about this kind of mosaic technique. My go to border is, Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir, double border, but a twisted fringe looks amazing also.
Another great thing about the “Penguin Party Mosaic Afghan” is you can make each and every penguin, one or two or none at all, little scarfs, to keep the little cuties warm.

The optional little scarves can be made in two ways:

  1. Using the bonus pattern charts (charts only – no written) which are created using the mosaic tapestry technique.
  2. Crocheting them separately and sewing them on.

Yarn – You can use any yarn and corresponding hook you like for the “Penguin Party Mosaic Afghan”
Abi used, Stylecraft Special DK, you will need approximately 11 skeins for the main body of the blanket (including a simple 3-row border)

  • 5 skeins for the penguins
  • 6 skeins for the background

Approx. 1100 grams total 
Between 3542 – 3864 yards (3239 – 3533 metres)

This will create a blanket approximately 95cm x 125cm (38” x 50”) including a small border.
Remember you can create any size you want with the patterns, it would make the most dreamy, baby blanket or childrens scarf’s, even a little bad or cushion. Maybe even a Christmas table runner.  You could always teach you little one to make the scarfs and they can hang them on the Christmas tree.🎄 How charming would they be.

“Penguin Party Mosaic Afghan” is available to buy on Ravelry for an incredible price of £6. Just click here and grab yourself a copy. I know you’ll have an absolute blast making it.

Before I sign off, let me share a few links of where you can find Abi aka Get yer hook on.

 Etsy: getyerhookon
Facebook: getyerhookon
Instagram: getyerhookon
Ravelry: getyarhookon
YouTube: getyarhookon

Lastly, a huge thank you to Abi, for allowing me to share her delightful blanket and photos with you. It’s been an honour.

On the count of three, jump on over and buy yourself a copy,


Too-da-loo for now. 


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