V For Vintage

I normally don’t make New Years resolutions, instead I set myself silent goals.
This year may goal was to step away from making blanket (my favourite thing to make) and venture into the world of making items that can be worn or practical items such as bags.
My first attempt at making a garment was pretty much a disaster and is now in my pile of unfinished projects aka my WIP pile.
I think I would have done ok, if only, I had used double knit instead of Aran but I wanted to use black and didn’t have any in double knit cotton. Lesson learnt.

I have however ventured in to making shawls.
I made the Treasure Net shawl by Johanna Lindahl from Mijo Crochet.
I made this for my Mum for Mother’s Day and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. If I had to pick one floor I would have made it a little bigger. Mum loved it never the less.
I used one yarn cake of Scheepjes Whirl in the colour, 755 Blueberry Bambam, which is availableto buy at any Scheepjes stockiest . I purchased mine from Wool Warehouse, for the cost of £20.99.


Over the last few weeks, in between projects, I have been making another shawl by Mijo Crochet. 
It’s called V for Vintage and is available at Johanna’s Ravelry, her Etsy and her website.

When Johanna first released the pattern, I instantly fall in love with it and was added to my forever growing list of things I just have to make.
My hubby brought me a yarn cake from wool warehouse called Scheepjes Whirl, in the colour, Slice of Cherry Pie, which has been teasing me ever since.
With our holiday in sight I set about making myself a shawl for the cooler evenings.
 V for Vintage was a delightful make, truly it was an absolute pleasure to make and when you have got going, there are only 5 pattern repeats so you can either watch your favourite tv box set or listen to audio books while you are stitching away.


I listened to, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck, by Mark Manson and narrated by Roger Wayne and I’ve started, The Stand, by Stephen King, which is narrated by Grover Gardner.
Both are worth a listen.

Towards the end of my “V for Vintage“, the yarn got into a terrible mess, so tangled and matted, it became unusable.
I must have done something wrong as I have NEVER had this happen before.
But with only two rows of the border to finished, I was a little peeved to say the least.
I ended up having to buy a small yarn cake of, Scheepjes Whirlette, in colour Rose, costing £6.25 plus postage.
The colour wasn’t the perfect match but it was the best they had so had to go with the flow.


It all turned out ok in the end as I think the colour change just gave it that little something special. Maybe it was meant. 🤔
All in all I’m pretty pleased with the end result and I’m looking forward to those cool evening on the seafront where I can wear it in all it’s glory.


The total yarn cost, with postage, came to £30.19 and I have nearly a whole Skein/cake of Rose, which I can use in the future.


If you haven’t checked out Johanna’s breathtaking pattern please pop on over to her website and have a gander. 
She also can be found on Ravelry, Instagram, Etsy and Facebook. Also you can share all your own makes of her patterns on her friendly Facebook group and of course Instagram. (don’t forget to #)


I’m now making another one of her beautiful shawls which I hope to complete before we go away, so please pop back soon to see what I’ve made.
Until then, 
Too-da-loo for now.


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