When a crochet pattern is previewed it’s not often I know exactly how I want mine to end up, what colours and yarn to use.
When Tinna first showed the preview of her, Fiesta CAL, I knew instantly what colours and yarn I would use.

I really believe my gut instinct was a good one because I’m totally smitten with the out come.

If you read my round up posts, you’ll know that when the “Fiesta CAL” first started I was already working on the, “Rozeta CAL” a patternby Tatsiana Kupryianchyk, I had been mega excited about making, a pattern so delicate and intriguing you can’t take your eyes off of it. It’s truly a stunner, that’s for sure.

Taking on both CALS was a bit adventurous, it wasn’t long before I was pulling my hair out trying desperately to stay on top and on schedule.
Something had to give and that was the, Rozeta CAL.
The Fiesta CAL, had me hook, line and sinker, I was totally in love with Tinna’s design.
Not only is it stunner but it kinda sums me up as a teenage.
It was just the perfect pattern.


Excitement rose with each weekly release, I just couldn’t wait to start the next part, to see how the next octorgan would look.
I followed happily away at each motif, enjoying the calmness that every stitch released.
It was pure pleasure.
And even though I normally bore quickly when having to make multiple designs, the Fiesta CAL did not come close to boring me. Each octagon came with ease and satisfaction.


With all the octagons made and Christmas and birthday deadlines chomping at my heels, I reluctantly had to set my Fiesta aside and work on numerous wips, in hopes of getting them finished to gift.
As soon as I had finished, my Fiesta was back in hand and I was soon on my way to completing her.


With only the joining and border to do, nerves about joining rumbled, as I haven’t joined anything but squares before.
But after watching Tinna’s tutorial and reading and rereading the pattern I soon felt comfortable starting.
I took my time making sure I was doing it correctly and as neatly as I could and before I knew it it was done and I was starting the border.

I made the first two rounds of the Fiesta border pattern then made the rash decision to use another of Tinna’s patterns for the border.

I started on Round 4 of the Terrazzo border and I’m pretty glad I did, I think it just works and matches in extremely well with the Fiesta centre.
Do you agree?


So let me tell you what I used to make my Fiesta CAL.
Of course the yarn had to be, Scheepjes Stone Washed XL, in colours Black Onyx and Moon Stone.
I used 24 skeins of Moon Stone, costing £71.76 and 25 skeins of Black Onyx, costing £74.74.
A total cost of £146.51.
I brought the yarn from Wool Warehouse, who never seem to disappoint with their speedy delivery. 🚚


I used two hook sizes, a Clover Soft Touch, 5mm hook and my Clover Soft Touch, 5.5mm hook. Both were purchased from Wool Warehouse.

My Fiesta measures, 108” x 64”.

I absolutely love it and strongly believe it’s worth every penny. The months it took to make are actually worth it.
I think it’s up there with my all time favourite makes.

Tinna’s patterns never disappoint. They are extremely well written, with incredible detail, which makes the journey so much more enjoyable.


If you haven’t come across any of Tinna’s designs, where have you been hiding?
You really should check them out, trust me you won’t be disappointed.
You can find Tinna on the below links,
Tinna’s website can be found here.
You can find all Tinna’s delicious pattern here on Ravelry.
You can show off you makes on her Facebook Group, Tina’s Crochet Club.
You can also follow her on Instagram.
You can find her on YouTube.

If you only buy one pattern this year, it has to be Tinna’s Fiesta, which you can purchase here.
The Fiesta Cal, has been a wonderful experience, one I’m sure to make again. Why don’t you join me?

Huge thanks to Lesley and Julian, from Oak Apple Lodge Safari Tent, for the honour of being able to take some photos on our stay there over the weekend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All that is left to do is to give Fiesta, a wash, a block and find it a new home.
Hope you all have a hooktastic day.
Too-da-loo for now.


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