Crochet Crush May/June 2021 – Viking Knot

Tinna does it again, with her new mosaic crochet pattern! 😍🥰😍

Viking Knot.

To me there really couldn’t be a more perfect pattern. Not only does it represent strength, eternal love, unity and loyalty between friends, family and lovers. It’s endless loop, with no end or beginning, represents everlasting love while the knot image represents an unbreakable bond. This connection with love is the more popular association today but let’s not forget it also represents how we are all connected in past, present and future. 

At this tricky time in our lives, we have all had to dig deep to find a new kind of strength. We’ve had to unite in the fight against the pandemic. We’ve all felt that unbreakable bond and love we have with our families.
Our futures have been on standstill while we live out our surreal present, as many of us dream of returning to our past life/normal life, before the virus changed everything. 🦠 

To me though, there is a deeper meaning, the Viking knot represents, my Celtic roots, the ancestors we came from and the people we have yet to become. 
My love for family and family history, my fascination with my Irish/Celtic roots, my personal battle with inner strength, all ties together to make Tinnas modern twist on the old Viking continuous knot, the Ultimate perfect pattern.

Did you know the Viking/Celtic Knot was used as a symbol of protection, to ward off evil spirits and harm. Many soldiers would carry amulets of the charm with them when going to the battlefield. Alternatively, this symbol was placed on the battlefield to protect the soldiers from harm. It’s such a strong powerful symbol, so much so I have worn a version of it around my neck for the last 9 years.

Not only does Tinna’s, “Viking Knot” pattern hold meaning, it’s stops you in your tracks because it’s just damn right striking. 
And what I love more is, Tinna always puts a little of herself into her pattern. There is always a meaningful reason why she designed what she does and that alone makes each and every pattern stand out among the rest of the trillion patterns available online.

Tinna wrote on Ravelry,

For the Viking Knot I sought inspiration in my Icelandic heritage and the design is based on an old Viking pattern of a continuous knot. I then simplified the pattern, with the intention of giving it a modern and more abstract look.
Despite the modern approach, the meaning is still the same and for me these knots and the way they are interlaced represent unity, strength and how we are all connected in past, present and future.

Making a pattern that has so much heart and soul entwined in the stitches makes all the difference and that’s why the “Viking Knot” pattern gets my heart racing. 💓

So let me tell you a little about it.

The Viking Knot is a continuous mosaic pattern, which can be worked for any size you like, and comes both with written instructions for how to work it in the round and flat, as well as a chart.  

You can use this pattern to make various projects, for example an iPad cover, a cowl or a bag, a blanket, rug, place mats or potholders. Your opinions are endless.

Viking Knot, is worked in repeats of 24 stitches and 24 rounds, so you can really use this same pattern to make any size.
Tinna made a cushion cover that measures 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 inches) and the pattern details this size exactly.
The pattern uses basic stitches, slip stitch, chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet, so even a total beginner can try it out. Better sill, Tinna has made a tutorial to help you out. You can watch it here

Yarn – You can use any yarn you like for this pattern.
Tinna used, Scheepjes Metropolis. She used 4 skeins of Miami (069) for the dark grey main color (A), 1 skein of Warsaw grey (072) and 2 skeins each of colors Seoul (035) & Dhaka (040) for the pattern colors (B).

Hook – Use the hook that suits your yarn. Tinna used a 2.5 mm hook.

For more information and to purchase the Viking Knot pattern, click here.
It’s a steal at only $5.00 USD (About £3.78).
Cheap as chips considering the amount of work that goes into making, writing, testing a pattern and making video tutorials. 

Don’t forget Tinna has an ongoing offer on her patterns so while your buying “Viking Knot” pattern, why not check out her other gorgeous patterns and treat yourself. We all deserve to treat ourselves once in awhile and Tinnas patterns are the Ultimate gift.

Before I say Too-da-loo, let me remind you where you can find all Tinnas scrumptiousness.
Tinna’s website can be found here.
You can find all Tinna’s delicious patterns here on Ravelry
You can show off you makes on her Facebook Group, Tina’s Crochet Club.
You can follow her on Instagram, here.
You can find her on YouTube here.

Lastly, a huge Thank you to Tinna, for allowing me to share her wonderful photos and pattern with you.

I think that about wraps it up so until next time, happy hooking.

Too-da-loo for now.


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