Briar Rose Of Friendship

“It is the time you have spent
on your rose
that makes her
so important.”

The same can be said about friendship. Through trust, loyalty, kindness and time, friendship blossoms, love grows and bonds become unbreakable.

So when my youngest Son, ask me to make his best friend Pippa, a blanket, I knew it had to be no other than the beautiful Briar Rose, pattern, designed by Vanessa from Hooked on Sunshine, because friendship is like the princess sleeping in the Briar. It’s is worth fighting through the briar, taking a few scratch’s from the thrones, to discover the true meaning of friendship.
Calum picked out the colours he thought Pippa would like. He chose a palette of greens, as he knew its her favourite and decided to add cream, for warmth.

Using a mix of, Style Craft Special Double Knit, in cream, sage and duck egg and also Hayfield Bonus Double Knit, in mint and spearmint, my hook in hand, and pattern at the ready, “Briar Rose”began its journey from a tight bud into a beautiful rose, 🌹 

The pattern as always was a delight, easy to follow, exceptionally well written and a pleasure to make.
Vanessa isn’t just a incredible designer, her pattern writing skills are up there with the best of the best and if you do get a little lost along the way, her Facebook group, are always there to help, not that you will need them with this pattern, as it’s an easy one. Once you have made a few repeats, you will be well on your way, with only a quick glance here and there at the pattern, just to refresh your brain after a long day at work or a busy day of housework. They do say though, a messy house is a sign of a creative mind, let’s screw the housework and crochet more. 😂


I used the following colours and I made 4 repeats rotating the colours but always using the cream in in original placement as below.

Round 1 – Mint
Round 2 – Cream
Round 3 – Cream 
Round 4 – Cream
Round 5 – Cream

6 Duck Egg Sage Spearmint Mint
7 Cream  Cream Cream Cream
8 Sage Spearmint Mint Duck Egg
9 Cream Cream Cream Cream
10 Cream Cream Cream Cream
11 Spearmint Mint Duck Egg Sage
12 Cream Cream  Cream Cream
13 Mint Duck Egg Sage
14 Cream Cream Cream
15 Cream Cream Cream
16 Duck Egg  Sage Spearmint 
17 Cream Cream Cream

Border round –
Round 1 – Mint.


Pippas Briar Rose, measured roughly 38″ x 38″.
Calum is rather pleased and can’t wait to gift it to Pippa, it is meant to be a Christmas present but I’m not sure if he can wait that long to give it to her.
Hopefully she will like it and gain a little comfort as she studies hard for her exams. 


Finally if you haven’t made any of Vanessa’s pattern, please go and check them out, they are all stunning, you can even buy all yarn for her beautiful colour palettes in her online shop. You won’t be disappointed.

Until next time, happy hooking. 

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