Round up, round up – January

So what can I possibly say about January 2018.
It has been the worst month of our entire life’s.
I pray that it can only get better from here on out.

January has seen the passing of two family members, my beloved Uncle Ray. He was an absolute legend, an amazing man who had the most incredible, interesting life. He leaves behind so many broken hearts and rivers of tears. 😭

Before the tears have even begun to dry, my Uncle Richard lost the love of his life, his rock and his life partner Kim. Our hearts once again weep.
My Uncle Richard has to be one of the strongest people I know, he battles on through every problem that has been thrown at him, he truly amazes me and warms my heart at the determination he has. I know in time he can learn how to live with his heartbreak. Life unfortunately will never be the same but he is a survivor and he will without a shadow of doubt will survive. I have full faith in that.

Without going into too much detail, January has taught us many lessons, raised emotions that never should be felt, anger, devastation, an incredible amount of fear but most of all hurt.
Somehow, I really don’t know how, we got through the worst of it, it’s far from being over but we are still standing (Just).
The most important lesson learnt is that “Family through thick and thin are everything!”

As my monthly round-up posts are mainly a summary of what I have achieved either in family research or crochet and my favourite song I’ve listened to, this months post is going to be a rather short post.
The stresses of the month brought on the biggest Lupus flare that I have ever encountered. I normally won’t let it beat me, I try to get up, carry on, determined for it not to take over my life, this time though it kicked me to the kerb leaving me battered and bruised unable to do much else but lay on the sofa drifting in and out of restless sleep.🤒
When I did manage to hold my hook in my hand, I made one rookie mistake after another, ending in me pulling back three days work on my twin sisters 40th Birthday pressie.

I can’t believe we will be the big 40 in the next few weeks. Right now though I feel as my age need to do a sprint to catch up with how my body feels.😫
I somehow managed to finish her gift, which I absolutely love, I hope she does also.

My first make of the year was the beautiful “Star of the Forest” mandala, by Maria from Virkevira
I was testing the English version of her wonderful pattern. You can read all about it here.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have also managed to make a few squares for my wonderful mum’s blanket I’m slowly making called “Nuts about DNA”

First I made Harold by Polly Plum.


then Harry, by Polly Plum.


and finally, River, by Polly Plum


Polly Plum from Every trick on my hook, has to be one of my favourite designers. Her designs are exquisite. I could happily sit and make them day in, day out.

Mum’s “Nuts about DNA” Blanket will be a blanket made up of different squares by different designers and will hopefully cover her bed from head to toe, floor to floor. The blanket is based on a blanket designed by Esther Dijkstra called “Nuts about squares” which was a crochet along held last year. All info can be found here.
I have already completed one Nuts about squares blanket, my favourite make of last year.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for family research, I’ve mainly been revisiting a few ancestors, who are on my list for my 52 weeks, 52 ancestors challenge.
And of course I wrote a few of those. I’m a little behind as I started the challenge a few weeks late.
I’m rather surprised at how long each post takes, seriously hours but I have enjoyed every second. I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them.
Hopefully my gorgeous sister-in-law Sarah, will be joining me with the challenge over the year and writing a few posts for me.
Sarah is pretty damn incredible at researching, she pours her heart and soul into it, connects with every ancestor and discovers the most amazing little gems. It’s a absolute pleasure to be working alongside her in our journeys to discovering who we really are.

Back in December 2017, I sent a message to someone who has a few of my family members on his ancestry tree, I was thrilled when I received a message back for him. It’s mega exciting when you find a living relative you knew nothing about. He ties in with my O’Connor line, which is an even bigger bonus.
Hopefully he will stay in touch.

On the music, favourite song front, it’s an easy one this month. This songs lyrics touch me deeply for many reasons, it defines what family are to me, that family can get through almost anything when we stand together, look out for eachother, love care and support each other, the way family’s should do, after all blood is thicker than water.


That kinda sums up my month and all I can now say is,

“January thank goodness you are over, good-bye and good riddance to you.”


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