Life’s greatest blessing.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where family makes any old brick walls feel like home.

Life is a journey of the good and the bad, twists, turns, highs and lows.
Who is it that you want beside you while traveling roads undiscovered?
Who is it that you wish to share every adventure, every fall, every conquest, every achievement and even every brick walls that we all often hit at full speed.

To me, it’s my family whom I wish to share life’s journey, it’s family that I wish to fill the book of life’s empty pages with. It’s family whom I want to make memories, go on adventures, and even just to chill out with a huge mug of steaming coffee/hot chocolate while warming our aging bodies by the roaring open fire as we watch cheesy movies and snuggle under homemade blankets.

To me, family are my world, my friends and my hero’s, they are the shoulder I cry on, they are the smiles that beam brightly, lighting up the darkest of sky’s, they are voices of the most magical melodies.

Family is the one and only thing we need in life, they are biggest, warmest, loving part of us and with out them, we would even begin to exist.

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