Hope And Home

As our children/grandchildren enjoy their summer holidays, school is far from our minds but could you imagine a life without school, without education, without knowledge?
As we chill out in our homes, cooling by the fan, wishing we had air conditioning, can you imagine, having no escape from the rays and warmth of the sun, as they beat heavily upon the tin and wooden shack, you call home.
And as the rain falls, pouring through the holes in the roof, drenching you, and the makeshift bed you sleep on.

How very lucky are we, that we don’t have to live like that. That if we choose we can selfishly wipe the realism of life for many, out of our minds and continue to live the life of luxury, we are privileged to have, surrounded by our family’s and their love.

But what if you could make a difference ? What if you could really help ?
What if you could help the world to become a better place, by showing you care, giving a little love to those who really need it.

You can!

There are so many ways, you can help.
You can make a difference.
And that’s why I’m writing to you today. We need your help desperately.

You see the children of Africa need you.
They need you to open your eyes to the horrors that life throws at them. They need you to give them a chance at having the best lives and the best education, they can possibly have.
We can’t change things over night, that’s an impossibility, but we can make a start.
We can improve their humble lives, bit by bit, town by town, by giving our pocket change or as much or as little as you can afford, to help repair schools and their sleep quarters, in turn helping their lives.


One family of six, the Jenkins, are already trying so hard to make a different. They have flown to Africa, with love in their hearts, to make a difference, by helping orphans.
You see these children, have lost their family’s, their homes and the love and care that every child deserves.
They have seen the unthinkable, been forced to do the unimaginable, while living through the worst of poverty. Without saying to much, we all know what happens to these children, we know how cruel even evil, life is to them.
When all they want is to be loved, to be given a chance of a better life, a better life than their parents have had. They want to learn, they want to succeed, they want a better future for themselves and their future generations.


Dean and Nicky Jenkins volunteering.

The Jenkins, have seen through their own eyes, the devastation of poverty, they’ve heard, and seen the horror.
They have also seen, the smiles of the children of Hope And Home Orphanage.
They have met Susan who donated the land that, the Hope And Home Orphanage is built on and seen the determination that her and her family have towards the home.
Susan works day and night, to give the children a better life.
She has given them not only a home but a school, love and safety.

Even though the orphanage is basic, the dormitories that the children sleep in are in desperate need of repair. They have a shed as a school which needs re building before it collapses, their desks are broken, and stationary is sparse, everything seems against them, but it’s a start, it a new beginning to a future so very different from what they have known.


The Dormitories.

They have been given hope, a chance and people who love them.
You see it’s more than a dilapidated shed, it’s more than a soaking wet outhouse, it’s a home and a family.
It’s where we can make a difference.

We need to raise £900 to re-place the dilapidated roofs so the children can sleep and learn in a safe environment, to be able to give the children the best chance in life and survival.


Their school.

We can change their lives, seriously we can.
All we have to do is donate our pocket change or as much as we can afford to donate.
Every penny will help the boys and girls of, Hope And Home Orphanage.

They need you.

You see, the African government does NOT support, Hope And Home Orphanage or the children, they are solely funded by donations or volunteers like the Jenkins family.


Their school.

Every donation received goes into a private bank account, which is run by the Orphanage and the Bank, so every penny raised goes directly to the Orphanage, without the government taking a share.
Every single penny you donate makes a difference, you make a difference. How wonderful is that!


Please help us, make a difference to the wonderful children of “Hope And Home Orphanage” by donating here.


And then give yourself, a good old pat on the back, because you have just changed the lives and futures of many.
We really can’t thank you enough for that.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

If money is tight and you have extra blankets, hats, scarves, you have either made or are cluttering up your cupboards, that you would be happy to donate, please give these little darlings a thought. Fire me over a message and we will have these littleins snug as a bug, before you know it.



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