Feeling Groovy 2

To rule self and subdue our passions is the more praiseworthy because so few know how to do it.

I’m definitely one whom has no control when it comes to crochet and my passion for it.
I try to set goals, I try really hard to not start anything new but it’s tough when there are so many interesting and beautiful patterns out there. I guess when an idea pops into my mind I just have to go with the flow and let my imagination run wild. Isn’t that part and parcel of creation? And my perfect excuse to break my own rules and go with the flow.

While I was makings Chloe’s Feeling Groovy Lapghan, a pattern by Vanessa at Hooked on Sunshine, colours popped into my head and I couldn’t help myself. I had to see the colours come alive so I started a second.

Using, Stylecraft Special Double Knit, my go to yarn, in Colours Claret, White and Graphite.
Claret being the main colour.
I decided to work along the same principles as Chloe’s Lapghan which you can read about here and only make four, Feeling Groovy, squares.


I made these in the following colour order –

Part 1
Round 1 – Claret
Round 2 – Claret
Round 3 – White
Round 4 – Graphite
Round 5 – White
Round 6 – Claret
Round 7 – Claret
Round 8 – Graphite
Round 9 – Graphite
Round 10 – White
Round 11 – White

Part 2.
Round 12 – Claret
Round 13 – Didn’t do
Round 14 – Graphite
Round 15 – Claret
Round 16 – White
Round 17 – White
Round 18 – Claret
Round 19 – White
Round 20 – White
Round 21 – Graphite


Part 3.
Round 22 – Claret
Round 23 – Claret
Round 24 – Claret
Round 25 – Claret
Round 26 – Claret
Round 27 – Claret
Round 28 – Claret


After all four squares were finished, I added an extra half double crochet round on each square, using 2 half double crochet, chain 2, 2 half double crochet, in the corners.

I joined the finished squares with the, Flat surface slip stitch join, using the Style-craft Special, Claret.


Once they were all joined I edged the whole blanket with single crochet, before I started the border.

For the border I wanted something simple, so it wouldn’t draw the eye away from the four beautiful mandalas.
I decided to work along the same principle as Chloe’s blanket but with a slight difference. I made two rounds of double crochets and for the third round I made single crochets into the spaces not into the stitch, making 3 single crochets in the corner space. I then made another 3 rounds of double crochet with 2 double crochet, chain 2, 2 double crochet in the corners stitch/space.
The colour order I used was

Round 1 – Graphite
Round 2 – White
Round 3 – Claret
Round 4 – White
Round 5 – Graphite
Round 6 – Claret


I then finished the border off with an additional round, continuing in Claret, as followed –

Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet, Triple Crochet, picot-3, Triple Crochet, Double Crochet, Half Double Crochet in corner space,
Skip the hidden stitch,
slip stitch in next stitch,
skip 1 stitch,
5 Double Crochets in next stitch,
skip 2 stitches,
continue with Single crochets in every stitch across, stopping 6 stitches before every corner,
skip 2 stitches,
5 Double Crochets in next stitch,
skip 1 stitch , slip stitch in next stitch,
skip 1 stitch,
repeat until you have crocheted all the way around. Join with an invisible join to finish.


This, Feeling Groovy Lapghan measures roughly 38 inches by 38 inches.
Rounding the skeins up, I used 1 skeins of white yarn, 1 of Graphite and 5 of Claret, costing £12.95

I’m love the colours together and I’m pretty pleased with how she turned out. Hopefully my beauty of a cousin Kelly, will feel the same.


The pattern was an absolute pleasure to make and I will definitely be making more in the future. For now though I think I may have to start another one of Vanessa patterns, either “Little Prince Charming” or “Hollypops” a crochet along that is just about to begin. I’m mega excited about this pattern, if only I could decide on colours. What ever I decide I’m sure I’ll keep you posted but until then, have a great day and Toodaloo for now.


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