Mary Ann, Charlotte & Tom Pointer – 52 Ancestor In 52 Weeks Update.

The long-awaited birth and death certificates, arrived in my inbox yesterday and I can now share the information with you.

Mary Ann Pointer, was born on the 29th January 1840 at Sherfield English, Hampshire, England.
Her birth was registered on the 15th February 1840, by her Mother, Harriet Pointer nee Brown.
Harriet signed with an X.
Her father Thomas was working as a Labourer, at the time of Mary Ann’s birth.
More information on Mary Ann, can be found here.


You may remember that, Mary Ann’s parents, Harriet and Thomas, had two children, Charlotte and Tom, who died as infants.

Little Charlotte Pointer, was born on April 5th, 1845, at West Wellow, Hampshire, England. ( I think it’s the 5th, if I’m wrong please correct me.)
Charlotte’s birth was registered, April 21st, 1845 by Harriet. Harriett once again signed with an X.
Thomas was working as a Bricklayer.


Charlotte died on the 14th of May 1845, aged 5 weeks, at West Wellow.
She died from Bronchitis. 😢
Elizabeth Noyce registered her death on May 16th, 1845.
She signed with an X and was present at Charlotte’s death.


Tom was born August 20th, 1857, at Newton Lane, Romsey.
His father Thomas was working as a, Bricklayer.
Toms Mother Harriet, registered his birth on the 22nd September 1857 and signed with an X.


Tom died on the 5th March 1858, aged 7 months.
He died from Convulsions, 16 days, Coma.
Elizabeth Coombs was in attendance and registered Toms death, on the 8th March 1858.
She signed with an X.



Death certificates are always the hardest to receive. No matter how many I order, they always give me a sinking, guts wrenching feeling of sadness and in a way, fear.
However, I feel they are an important part of our history and it’s good to know why these poor little Bairns died, especially as certain patterns are forming, especially with Meningitis and Heart problems.

I just wish I didn’t find so many infant deaths. At least by me discovering their births and deaths, their names and their short lives can be honoured. Their tiny souls can rest in peace in the knowledge that, I for one will not forget them, and their stories have been told.

May they find comfort and rest in peace.
Mary Ann, Charlotte and Tom Pointer.


3 thoughts on “Mary Ann, Charlotte & Tom Pointer – 52 Ancestor In 52 Weeks Update.

  1. So sad for parents losing children. I don’t think I could have recovered from that. Got a bit behind with your blog as been working on my tree & we all know how compulsive it can be 🙂 Sunday night I stayed up until 2.00am binge reading your blog. I don’t know how you manage to put dates etc together & create a story – amazing. Now I am up to date I look forward to my weekly read.
    Luv Lyn x

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