Brett Howard Montague Willats – Update.

Just a little update for you as promised in last weeks 52 Ancestors post about Harry Richard Thomas Willats, which you can find here.
I have received his son’s birth certificate and can now clarify Brett’s date of birth and birth information.

Brett Herbert Montague Willats was born on August 9, 1953, at King Edward V11 Hospital, Old Windsor, Berkshire, England, to Pauline Ada Renton, age 21, and Harry Richard Thomas Willats, age 52.
His Father Harry was working as a, Music Hall Artist of 39, Queens Road, Windsor and he registered Brett’s birth on the 24th August 1953.
The Register was R.J.Dadley.

Unfortunately I can’t share the certificate with you as I do not know if Brett is still living, I assume he is as he was born in 1953.
I hope he is and especially hope that if he or any of his family ever come across this post, that they would get in touch.
We would love to hear from you, especially my Nan, who is Brett’s first cousin.

Don’t forget to pop back tomorrow and find out about Brett’s Father, Harry’s life in the tabloids.
Until then take care, smile and enjoy your day.




4 thoughts on “Brett Howard Montague Willats – Update.

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  2. Ive just read this post came across it by accident I am Brett Willats and still very much alive, please get in touch again if possible.


    • Omg I’m so excited to hear from you. Thank you so much for reaching out.
      Please feel free to email me on
      I really would love to hear from you.
      I can’t wait to tell my Nan (your first cousin) She remembers you as a tiny baby.
      Thank you again and hope to hear from you soon. 😃
      G x


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