Round Up, Round Up – October 2020

November, the season that follows the hour of the dead, it brings frosted mornings, a silver sun rising behind the trees, that’s soggy leaves lie hopelessly on the ground. It’s now that we begin to understand how long the winter will be as squirrels desperately gather nuts and birds take flight escaping the cold.🐿
The beauty of autumn is behind us and thoughts of spring tease, while we snuggle under blankets or oversized hoodies, while warming our frozen fingers from the ambers that still glow from last nights fire. While November seems gloomy and winter long, there is beauty, calm and hope in the magic of the months to come.
Each season holds its own beauty, each month its own memories. November in its own right, holds them close to its chest, but if you look past, the rain, the chilling winds, those crisp frosty mornings and star lit sky’s hold something extra special, a beauty like no other.
Even though November may seem longer and darker than normal as we stay home throughout lockdown II, there is plenty to rejoice in. Just look out your window, see the frost twinkle, spiderwebs glisten, watch the robin puff up his feathers, smell the warmth of the open fire and enjoy the extra time with your family. Make memories that otherwise wouldn’t have been made. Snuggle down and watch movies and rejoice in the love that surrounds you. Count your blessings, blessings that you’re alive, healthy and safe. Know that sacrificing your freedom for a short while will save at least one life. Feel pride in the fact you are protecting your family, friends, work colleagues and strangers. Feel thanks for our amazing doctors and nurses and know that your freedom will return and hopefully you’ll appreciate it even more than before. Lockdown unfortunately has to happen, there isn’t any other way right now. It’s hard for all but especially for the businesses that have to close, the sacrifices we have to make to protect our loved ones. Mark and I know those sacrifices all too well, as he has has to shut up his own business again throughout this lockdown. We feel incredibly bad that he has had to postpone his jobs, disappointing his customers. Unfortunately he has to because protecting his vulnerable high risk family and his customers and their families is the right thing to do. We just can’t afford to take the risk of catching and spreading the death sentence we all know as Covid-19.
Even though lockdown brings a lot of stress, as to how we can pay the bills, feed the kids, warm the home etc, etc, at the end of the day, family is more important, love is more important.
LIFE is more important.
I know Mark and I couldn’t live with ourselves if we spread this deathly virus to our loved ones or our customers.🦠 There have been more than enough deaths already and we are happy to pay our part of staying at home. 🏠

Vow renewal.💒
We are kinda lucky that October was a busy one and thankfully we have done most of the things we needed to for our vow renewal that should be happening on Christmas Eve. (Fingers crossed 🤞) Without giving to much away, my dress has been basically taken apart and remade so it fits. One downside to being only five foot is everything is miles too long including my dress. I have had three appointments with Ula Litwin, a dressmaker/seamstress from WestEnd, Southampton. I can not praise her workmanship and talent enough. You really would not notice that she practically had to remake it. Her talent just blows my mind, she’s incredible at what she does and I couldn’t be happier. She even made me a face mask out of the remanence of the fabric she had to cut off the bottom of my dress. Before my first visit to Ula, I was beyond panicked that nothing could be done to make my dress fit properly. It was too small when I brought it and so very long on me. Ula pulled it off and it looks beautiful even if I say so myself. To see the dress fitting properly for the first time was pretty special. Sadly I can not share any inks for Ula as she works totally of recommendations but you can find her contact details here.

Mark, Connor and Calum, tried their suits on for the first time and boy they all look smashing and so handsome. We can not wait to pick them up after they have a had a few minor alterations.

Music has been picked, flowers are here and they are amazing totally amazing, I love them.

Triangle Nursery have been amazing and I have continued to work with Sarah, who has put together for me a beautiful silk flower arrangement for my Dads grave. It arrived this morning with a few other bits for the vow renewal and it’s spectacular. It’s truly beautiful and it’s safe to say the rabbits won’t be eating them. Thank you Sarah and Triangle Nursery, for all you help, hard work and kindness. Thankfully they are managing to stay open throughout lockdown so if you are in need of flowers, Christmas florals, bouquets etc etc pop on over to their website and let them work their magic. They even do, do it yourself wreath kits, that are stunning and the perfect time wasters for those of us that are stuck at home throughout lockdown. Aren’t they just gorgeous,❤️

Renovating Phillippe. 🚍
I’m happy to say we haven’t been working on him but enjoying the joys of the open road and the freedom the a camper brings. At the beginning of October, Mark and I hit the road and headed off to Devon where we spent a few nights a Wimbleball Lake campsite.
After a little mishap of loosing one of our skylights on the journey down, patching the hole with rubble bags and gorilla tape to keep the rain out, we had a lovely relaxing weekend, watching movies, eating to much and spending some Quality time together. Mark even got out and took some photography. Isn’t it beautiful!

We also spend a long weekend with my dear sister and her hubby Smithy at Stonehenge Campsite and Glamping pods.
Once again we ate to much, watched movie after movie and enjoyed some much need time relaxing with a few of my favourite people. It didn’t stop raining, the wind blow hard but it was perfect in so many ways and the best way to celebrate my hubby’s birthday weekend. Stonehenge Campsite and Glamping pods is our favourite localism campsite. We have spent a good few weekends there and it’s always a delight. I can’t wait to go back when lockdown is lifted.

You won’t believe it but I’ve actually picked up my hook and crocheted. I’ve started a new blanket for my Mums Christmas pressie and I’m in love with it. Here’s a little sneaky peak for you. Close your eyes Mum.👀

I’ve made a few hats. I used the Divine Hat pattern by Sarah Arnold and Scheepjes Stone washed xl. And also the Simple Slouch Hat pattern by Alexis Middleton in Stylecraft special Dk, in cream and Scheepjes Stone washed xl in Black Onyx.

I’ve also worked on the Instrinsic Spirit LFC blanket by Lissa Conley which I’m making for my nephew Luke.

Crochet is still slow going as the wet, cold weather is making my arthritis extremely painful.

I think that about sums up our month so I’ll say too-da-loo for now. But before I go, please can I ask you to cross your fingers and toes that lockdown will end and our vow renewal can take place. So much time, love, energy and money has gone into it, I desperately want it to go ahead. For us to celebrate our love for each other and make the most special memories.❤️

Stay safe guys, and try to enjoy your month and make some special memories.


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